Rock Star-Studded Film "Killed by Rock 'n' Roll" to Hit Big Screen on Sep 14



(Photo courtesy of Shine Time Entertainment)

Produced by Taki Lin (林大鈞), the founding bass player of veteran rock band The Chairman (董事長樂團), "Killed by Rock 'n' Roll" is a film made by and for the members of Taiwanese rock music scene. The main cast includes Fire EX. frontman Sam Yang (楊大正), CluTch guitarist Edison Song (宋柏緯), 88 Balaz frontman Balaz Lee (阿強), Trash guitarist Euan Lin (林頤原) and lead vocalist Lin Zhi-Rong (阿夜), while the real-life owner of musical instruments retailer Tony's Music World (阿通伯樂器) is portrayed by entertainment legend Peng Chia-Chia (澎恰恰). The film received world premiere at Taipei Film Festival (台北電影節) earlier this month and will hit the big screen on Sep 14.

(Photo courtesy of Shine Time Entertainment)

"Killed by Rock 'n' Roll" is centered on The Dictator, a fictional mysterious underground band active during 1997-1998. 30 years after their disbandment for unknown reasons, the daughter of one of the band members is informed of her father's death. While collecting his effects, she gradually discovers the secrets behind the band and a case of murder that her father was involved.