Hip Hop Creative Agency NXWV Launches New Showcase Series to Synchronize with Like-minded Labels


Taiwan's hip hop label and creative agency NXWV is launching the city-themed event series, NXWV RADAR. Like-minded artists and labels overseas, their signed artists, and local producers/DJs are being asked to showcase their regional soundscapes and music scenes in Taipei, where NXWV is headquartered.

The first city to synchronize is Tokyo – and the label CANTEEN will be one of its representatives. CANTEEN has rostered notable artists such as Tohji, JUMADIBA, kZm, Only U, and Loota from Tokyo’s hip-hop scene.

Double Clapperz, meanwhile, focuses on the productions of these artists, showcasing their personalities and aesthetics to the world. Ralph and Double Clapperz have performed at many of Tokyo's venues, from the underground artist's hub of Forestlimit to major clubs in Shibuya such as Club Asia and WWW.

The two labels share the common ground of combining modern electronic dance music production and hip hop.

NSWV is Ralph’s first overseas show. He burst onto the scene via SoundCloud with his hoarse, throat-singing inspired voice and intricate flow on EP “BLACK BANDANA” during the COVID lockdown. The leading single, "Selfish," went viral on YouTube and Spotify, surpassing 1 million views. Along with Ralph, Double Clapperz, a DJ/producer duo that supports grime culture and basslines, they will share the stage along with local talents.

's mainstay SOWUT and REX from the rap metal quartet WOLF PACC will join Ralph and Double Clapperz on the event lineup. Three resident DJs from the capital’s rave haven FINAL will represent Taiwan's electronic music scene: B E N N, Baloney Billionaire, and Sandy's Trace. The event promises to be a unique experience for music lovers in Taipei to discover and enjoy Tokyo's regional soundscapes and music scenes.