MTV The Rappers Season 2 makes the wave again in the global Hip Hop market


MTV The Rappers Season 2, a significant collaboration between SETN (Sanli) and MTV, has been a massive hit with audiences both in Taiwan and overseas. The show featured 3 judges to include all the aspects of hip-hop music in this season, see as follows:

Market-Orientation: Dela Chang

Founder of the record label "KAO!INC.", he devoted himself to promoting hip-hop music, discovering and cultivating multiple stars, including Soft Lipa, Leo Wang, DJ Didilong, and Christine Ko. Dela's keen sense of the market and unique appreciation for hip-hop music will cause a wave in the program with his comments.

Style-Orientation: Dizzy Dizzo

Dizzy Dizzo is a Taiwanese female rap singer with various identities such as singer, YouTuber, fashion influencer, and brand manager. Her strong and distinctive personal style has made her a trendsetter in the hip-hop circle. She has released multiple popular albums, and in 2021, her "SKY" album was nominated for the "Best Hip-Hop Album Award" at the 12th Golden Indie Music Awards.

Production-Orientation: Starr Chen

Starr Chen is a music producer who has produced for several singers, including Jolin Tsai, A-mei Chang, and MJ116. In 2014, he was nominated for "Best Arrangement" and "Best Single Producer" at the Golden Melody Awards. In 2016, he won his first Golden Melody Award for "Best Album Design" and became the first cross-disciplinary musician to win the award in the history of the Golden Melody Awards.

The show also featured various talents as their guests, such as the iconic Malaysian musician Huang Mingzhi, demonstrating the TV program’s intention on reaching the international market. All contestants would be judged on their lyrics, performance, and most important - the rapper’s flow. 

The show's fast-paced style and captivating performances have been making the show a hit with viewers of all ages, and for no doubt, it is not only the most influencing TV show among Gen Zers now, furthermore, but the exquisite stage design and intense competition throughout the entire episode has also made people from all ages watch from start to end without losing their interest.

Since its premiere, MTV The Rappers Season 2 has already surpassed the total viewership of the first season's 13 episodes in just 5 episodes, and its outstanding performance on YouTube has only added to its popularity. Season 2 has a multicultural line-up in the judging panel and contestants, which has been drawing the attention of viewers from around the world, tuning in to watch the exciting competition.

If you're interested in watching MTV The Rappers Season 2, you can catch it on Line TV and MyVideo in Taiwan, or MTV The Rappers' official YouTube channel for audiences overseas. Don't miss out on the hottest show of the season!

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