BPM Ecstasy : Music Artists’ Struggle in Taiwan & China | Pt.4


Despite challenges, artists in Taiwan and China remain committed to exchanging ideas and aspiring to showcase their art globally. The final episode of "BPM Ecstasy" reveals their plans for future development and reaching new audiences.

In Beijing, the indie music scene thrives. We meet Zhelai, a western Chinese singer whom SUNK is eager to feature in her upcoming live show. SUNK discusses her ambition to transition from DJ sets to live performances of her own music, aiming to connect more intimately with her audience. In Taipei, Elvis T. launches a party for his new label Eskape and revisits Beijing to DJ at Weng Weng’s new club, Solo. Meanwhile, tamiX engages with Spirit, a musician from the punk band PizzaFace, discussing concert organization abroad and the evolving social norms in China. These three DJs, each with unique perspectives and aspirations, share their thoughts and plans in this concluding episode of "BPM Ecstasy."

This four-part documentary series offers an in-depth look at the lives of DJs in Taipei and Beijing. It explores their journeys of self-discovery, musical innovation, and the essence of being a techno artist in Asia post-COVID-19.

Join us in "BPM Ecstasy" to experience the vibrant core of the techno scene from Taiwan to China in this exclusive series.