Taiwan Beats Showcase at SXSW Online 2022


At SXSW 2022, the Taiwan Beats Showcase explored Taiwan's diverse cultural scene in six artist performances at six cultural venues.

The showcase starts with Sorry Youth set at Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden. Playing alternative music with local flavor, Sorry Youth is on the stage of the Grand Flower Hall, where the family staged traditional opera during public banquets.

Electric Flower Cars are often seen in religious, festive or even funeral marches in Taiwan. DJ Question Mark, with his dynamic beat and exquisite flute playing, collides lively music with the local scene on these colorful mobile units.

The seventy-year-old Chuang Mei Theater is where the director Ang Lee was nurtured and also renowned for its hand-drawn posters. Singer-songwriter Olivia Tsao, who creates catchy tunes to Jazz melodies, is here to tell the stories of the historical city Tainan with her gentle voice.

Mong Tong, the electro-duo that has been coined as oriental psychedelic. They fit perfectly with Pawnshop, a techno electronic venue of mystery, mostly known by word of mouth and where no photos are allowed. Mong Tong is here to unveil the secrets of Pawnshop for the very first time.

Electronic rock band Sleeping Brain, leads us to the Venue, a multi-function venue surrounded by Japanese izakaya. The nightlife goes deeper as Sleeping Brain’s riff resonates in this industrial-style building.

Finally, Elephant Gym channels the non-verbal beauty of Kaohsiung Harbor with their bass-driven melodies. This is where Megaport, Taiwan's largest music festival, has been held for decades. It has also bred several music venues including the Kaohsiung Music Center.