I Mean Us, Sweet John's vocalist Mandark releases her debut album "BADA88"


, the indie musician and singer-songwriter from Taiwan, previously known as the lead vocalist and keyboardist of the indie bands Sweet John and I Mean Us, has made a name for herself in the mainstream Chinese music scene over the past few years. She has also been active in various renowned international indie scenes, performing at events such as SXSW, Busan Rock Festival, and Audiotree Live.


With her rich creative energy, Mandark has not been content with the achievements of her bands. Over the past year, she has delved inward to explore her true self. Confronting her anxieties and desires head-on, this introspection has given birth to her first solo album, "BADA88." The album embodies a firm belief – Mandark's journey to discovering her unique charm and finding infinite love and freedom along the way.

"BADA88" was produced and released by Fortune Coookie Records, a production team that has won multiple Golden Melody Awards, and released in collaboration with Indonesian label Sun Eater. The album encompasses various genres such as indie pop, synth-pop, R&B, and alternative. While primarily featuring English lyrics, it also includes Japanese and Korean elements.

The tracklist includes the catchy and upbeat "Sushi," the UK garage-style "8ODY," the dance-filled music video "DALIDA," and the introspective and emotional song "Dying to Hurt You," which starts with the line "I'm a bitch." These eight tracks showcase Mandark's ambition to expand her presence across Asia.

Within Mandark's music, you will discover a resonation within your own heart. As you rediscover yourself, you will emanate an irresistible charm that attracts the people you love.