27th Golden Melody Awards WINNER’S LIST




•Song of the year:

Aka pisawad/Don’t give up (Aboriginal Language Version) from the soundtrack of the movie “Wawa No Cidal/The Sun’s Children” (Artist: Suming Rupi)

•Best Mandarin album:

Winter Endless/Universal Music Taiwan (Artist: Sodagreen)

•Best Taiwanese-language album:

Columbia/Enjoy Records (Artist: Jacky Chen)

•Best Hakka-language album:

“The Stranger”/U Loud Music (Artist: Zixuan)

•Best Aboriginal-language album:

“Legends of Passage”/Wind Music (Artist: Wu Hao-en)

•Best Music Video:

“When Sorrow has been Downloaded Twice”/Asia Muse Entertainment (Director: Tsung Fan-Fan)

[Individual Awards]

•Best Composer:

JJ Lin/Twilight “From M.E. To Myself”/Warner Music Taiwan (Artist: JJ Lin)

•Best Lyricist:

Qing Feng Wu/He Raised His Hand to Make a Roll Call “Winter Endless”/Universal Music Taiwan (Artist: Sodagreen)

•Best Arrangement:

Sodagreen & Will Lin/Violently Sad and Beautiful “Winter Endless”/Universal Music Taiwan (Artist: Sodagreen)

•Best Album Producer:

Will Lin/ “Winter Endless” / Universal Music Taiwan (Artist: Sodagreen)

•Best Single Producer:

George Chen/Darling/Gold Typhoon (Artist: Julia Peng)

•Best Male Mandarin Vocalist:

JJ Lin/From M.E. To Myself/Warner Music Taiwan

•Best Female Vocalist:

Julia Peng/Darling/Gold Typhoon

•Best Male Taiwanese Vocalist:

Jacky Chen/ “Columbia”/Enjoy Records

•Best Female Taiwanese Vocalist:

Huang Fei/ “Wordless Book”/Water Music

•Best Hakka Vocalist:

Wing/ “A Ha Moment”/Ascents Media Entertainment

•Best Aboriginal vocalist:

Balai/ “The Modern Ancient”/Mootee

•Best Musical Group:

Sodagreen (Qing Feng Wu, Claire Hsieh, Kay Liu, Afu Ho, Yu Chi Kung & Wei Shih)/”Winter Endless”/Universal Music Taiwan

•Best Vocal Collaboration:

Chang and Lee (XiAn Zhang, BaiGang Li, BingXiang Huang, ShaoQuan Ma)/ “Chang and Lee”/ Anlemouse Production

•Best New Artist:

Eli Hsieh/ ‘Progress Report’/Full Entertainment Marketing

[Record Label Awards]

•Best Album:

Simple Life/AND Music Service Lab (Shawna Yang, Lou Rainone, Wei Sheng Lin & Seiji Ocgiai)

[Individual Awards]

•Best Album Producer:

Lim Qiang/ “The Assassin Original Soundtrack”/ B’in Music International (Artist: Absent)

•Best Composer:

Yu-Shiang Huang/ The Journey “Be All Ears”/ HIM International Music (Artist: Yu-Shiang Huang)


Individual Awards

•Best Recording Package:

Weiming Lin/ “It’s OK We Will Meet In Other Ways” /Elevenz Music

Record Label Awards

•Best Vocal Recording Album Award:

“Frozen Light”/Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan (Recording: You Li, RuYi Dou, Bo Zhang, ZHongKun Yan/Mixing: Howie, Joe Hirst/Mastering Ray Stuff)

•Best Instrumental Recording Album Award:

“The Arti: The Adventure Begins”/Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan (Recording: MinQi Yang, Johnny Lee, Ron Wu, Hisao-Chin Lin, JingRan Zhu, YiLin Chen, ZongYou Ke, SongSong Jiang, BangHao Yang/Mixing: MinQi Yang, Craig Burbridge, JunJie Wang, Simon Li/Mastering: ZhongShu Sun)

Special Contribution Award

•Tracy Huang