27th Golden Melody Awards Nominees list



As the 27th Golden Melody awards inch closer, Zhou Jian Hui as the head of the board of judges has put forth their thoughts that “the musical control of the newcomers is extremely mature, with many breakthroughs and more varieties of music present”. Taiwan’s Sony music record company performed especially well this year, with 10 nominations in total, 8 of them going to the album “Winter Endless”. The awards ceremony will be held at the Taipei Arena on the 25th of June, with the following nominees:

Best newcomers:

Hello Nico
Eli Hsieh
Ko Chi-Tang
Chang and Lee
Yoyo Cen
Susu (Su Yun Ying)
Bear Guy

Best songs of the year

“Don’t Give Up” Suming
“Matriarchy” Amit (A-mei Zhang)
“Twilight” JJ Lin
“That Evening It Rained” Sodagreen
“Little Luck” Hebe Tien

Best band

Mr Deer
io band

Best Duo

Cozy Diary
Chang and Lee
Nine one one
Team Play

Best Hakka album

“Time for Surprise” Wing Luo
“At the foot of Tai Ling” Qiu Lin
“Stranger” Huang Tsi-Hsuan
“Anita” iColor

Best Aboriginal album

“Freedom journey” CMO band
“Migration” Wu Hao-en
“Songs Of The Tamalakao Tribe”/Tamalakao

Best Taiwanese album

“Voices Entering Village” Shi Wenbin
“Columbia” Jacky Chen
“Chang and Lee” Chang and Lee
“Warm Warm Love” Jiang Hui Yi
“Taiwanese New Wave” Huang Shan Liang

Best Mandarin Album

“Swing Inc.” Peggy Hsu
“Charlie” Eli Hsieh
“Amit 2” Amit
“Aphasia” Tanya Chua
“Winter Endless” Sodagreen
“Infinite” Bear Guy

Best Taiwanese Male Singer

Jacky Chen
Chen Lei
Hsu Fu-Kai
Huang Shan-Liang
Gangster A-de

Best Taiwanese Female Singer

Showlen Maya
Huang Fei
Cao Ya-Wen
Jiang Hui-Yi

Best Male Mandarin Singer

JJ Lin
Ko Chi-Tang
Li Jian

Best Female Mandarin Singer

Peggy Hsu
Xiao Hsia
Su Yun Ying (Su Su)
Amit (A-mei Zhang)
Tanya Chua
Julia Peng

Special Contribution Award

Huang Ying Ying

Best Music Video Award

“Eternal Summer” (Director: Su Jian Yi)
“If The Same Pain Was Downloaded Twice” (Director: Tan Zong Pan)
“I’m Not Yours” (Director: Chen Yi Ren)
“I Am Alive ft. Jason Mraz” (Director: Liu Geng Ming)
“I Want To Know Your Everything” (Director: Chen Hong Yi)

Best Composer Award

Jacky Chen/ ”Black Island” (Artist: Jacky Chen)
Tanya Chua/ “Aphasia” (Artist: Tanya Chua)
JJ Lin/ “Twilight” (Artist: JJ Lin)
Wu Tsing Feng/ “A Rainy Evening” (Artist: Sodagreen)
Jerry C/ “Little Luck” (Artist: Hebe Tien)

Best Lyricist Award

Hsieh Ming-Yu/”A Life’s Song” (Artist: Jacky Chen)
Wu Hsiung/ “Dismantle” (Artist: Chang and Lee)
Chen Sa/ “Matriarchy” (Artist: Amit)
Wu Tsing-Feng/ “Happy Gorgeousness” (Artist: Sodagreen)
Wu Tsing-Feng/ “You Raised Your Right Hand To Mark ‘Here’” (Artist: Sodagreen)

Best Arranger Award

Jacky Chen, Chen Ju Hao, Jakub Kubi Groos, Ao Di, Li Da Wen/ “Would You Be My Girl” (Artist: Jacky Chen, Dwagie)
Hsu Yu-Ying, Lu Law-Ming/ “A Letter For Tim Bolton” (Artist: Peggy Hsu)
Hsiao Zhao/ “Searching Deep Seas” (Artist: Li Jian)
Chang Shi-Lei, An-Dong/ “Living Is The Best Death” (Artist: Tanya Chua)
Sodagreen, Li Wei-ZHe/ “Happy Gorgeousness” (Artist: Sodagreen)

Best Album Producer Award

Peggy Hsu, Wang Xi Wen/ “Swing Inc.” (Artist: Peggy Hsu)
Adia, Amit/ “AMIT 2” (Artist: Amit)
An Dong, Tanya Chua/ “Aphasia” (Artist: Tanya Chua)
JJ Lin/ “Experimental Album Me n Myself” (Artist: JJ Lin)
Lin Wei-Zhe/ “Winter Endless” (Artist: Sodagreen)

Best Single Producer Award

Shuo Hsiao/ “Have You Eaten” (Artist: Shuo Hsiao)
Eli Hsieh, Tsai Jung Hoon/ “Lamp” (Artist: Eli Hsieh)
Hsiao Zhao/ “Searching Deep Seas” (Artist: Li Jian)
Chen Jian Qi/ “Practice Losing” Artist: One Fang
Chen Jian Qi “Darling” Artist: Julia Peng

Best Album Cover Award

Wu Jian-Long/ “Chang and Lee”
Lee Wei-Ming/ “Principles that never die”
Huang Jia-Xian/ “Mr. Hormone”
Fang Hsu-Zhong/ “Vu Vu Reggae”
Zhao Yi-Xiang/ “GIGO”
Nie Yong-Zhen/ “For Miss Qiu Yueyun”

Best Recording Album Award

“New Heartbeat”/ Recording Engineers: Peter Roberts, Lupo Groinig, Strawberry/ Main Mixing Engineers: Richard Furch, George Dum/ Main Mastering Post-Production: Reuben Cohen

“Light Freezing”/ Recording Engineers: Li You, Bao Ru Yi, Zhang Bo, Yan Chung Kun/ Main Mixing Engineers: Howie, Joe Hirst/ Main Mastering Post-Production: Ray Stuff

“AMIT 2”/ Recording Engineers: Chen Wen Chun, Chen Zhen Fa/ Main Mixing Engineers: Fan Nangang/ Main Mastering Post-Production: Joe LaPorta

“Aphasia”/ Recording Engineers: Kyle Hoffman/ Main Mixing Engineers: An Dong, Richard Furch/ Main Mastering Post-Production: John David

“Fall In Love With Yourself”/ Recording Engineers: Zhou Chi Hao, Ye Yu Hsuan/ Main Mixing Engineers: Wang Jun Jie/ Main Mastering Post-Production: Chris Gehringer

Best Backing Recording Album Award

“The Arti: The Adventure Begins/ Film Soundtrack” / Recording Engineers: Yang Min Qi, Li Zhao Yang, Wu Rong En, Lin Xiao Qin, Zhu Jing Ran, Chen Yi Lin, Ko Zhong You, Jiang Song Song, Yang Bang Hao/ Main Mixing Engineers: Yang Ming Qi, Craig Burbridge, Wang Jun Jie (Little K), Simon Li/ Main Mastering Post-Production: Sun Zhong Shu

“Simple Life”/ Recording Engineers: Kyle Cassel/ Main Mixing Engineers: Dave Darlington/ Main Mastering Post-Production: Dave Darlington

“My Own Room”/ Recording Engineers: Todd Carder, Pat Noonan (The Bunker Studio)/ Main Mixing Engineers: Brian Montgomery, Wei Yu Xian/ Main Mastering Post-Production: Systems Two Recording Studio

“SEMIFUSA Namesake Album”/ Main Mixing Engineers: Yu Jialun/ Main Mastering Post-Production: Jeff Lipton, Maria Rice