Hello Asia! Interview: Alan Kuo Talks about Passionate Fans, Doing Different Music & More!



Alan Kuo (柯有倫)Taiwan rocker-singer-actor sits with Hello Asia! editor Johnny Au backstage at the Golden Melody Awards and discusses about his showcase performance, last album release, filming for dramas and more! Check out the interview below.

Lately Alan has been back and forth between Hong Kong and Taiwan filming for dramas and movies, he is now back in Taiwan to perform at the Golden Melody Awards. The showcase performance went "really good, its very Taiwan", "every fan is passionate" for every performer on stage which he says is a "very respectful experience".

Alan's last release was called "Free the Romance", before he changed his music style to "hip-hop, EDM and more dance music mixed with rock" in this album, "deep inside my heart I am a rocker" but says "this is the future music" because he thinks "music needs to improve" for the "audience will have new things to listen to".

He has been filming "a lot of online dramas", including a recent "crazy drama about crazy people", which will be aired on "LeTV in China" and according to him it was "fun acting with a lot of respectful Hong Kong actors". The full interview talks about Australia where he "wants to go home" is available to watch above!