MIDEM 2015 Taiwan Artists/Miss Ko(葛仲珊)




Taiwan Beats Showcase(Paris),Pan-Piper, 2-4 Impasse Lamier, 75011 Paris, FRANCE

Miss Ko was the 1st female rapper winner of Golden Melody Awards (equivalent to America’s Grammy Awards in the Greater China region), who inspires others to have confidence in themselves to follow their dreams, akin to an “Oprah” figure on the scene.

Miss Ko has a similar background to NBA star Jeremy Lin – her parents studied in America and as a result that’s where she grew up. Unlike most Chinese American children who focus on their academics under parental pressure, Miss Ko was intrigued by the multi-faceted artistic and musical culture of New York; from creativity to fashion, she has developed a unique street style.

Miss Ko started writing songs while attending high school in Brooklyn. In 2009, Miss Ko released her first album in New York titled “Industry Makeover”, and received attention from top French magazine Tetu for her international potential.

After returning to Taiwan, she vowed to use music to find her roots; and with help from the Taiwan underground hip-hop sensation Soft Lipa, she quickly gained recognition and led to her first Mandarin album Knock Out in 2012. Her second Mandarin album XXXIII was released in December 2014.