Our Shame and Matter Halo Unite for a Captivating Musical Creation - "Performance in A Dream"


The captivating collaboration between the Taiwanese folktronica duo Our Shame and the Indonesian indie band Matter Halo has birthed an emotionally charged original track, 'Performance in A Dream.' This musical union blends the unique essence of Our Shame's indie pop/folktronica style with Matter Halo's indie rock finesse.


Matter Halo
, led by the creative minds of Ibnu Dian and Ganidra Rai, has consistently pushed boundaries since their inception in 2015. Renowned for their unique sound and captivating performances, they have garnered a dedicated following in Indonesia and beyond.


Our Shame, composed of Estelle H and Isan, are recognized for their poignant music that seamlessly blends indie pop and folktronica elements. Their songs resonate deeply with listeners, offering a fresh and evocative perspective on life's emotions.


"Performance in A Dream" is the result of a powerful synergy, melding Matter Halo's indie rock sensibilities with Our Shame's emotive storytelling. The track serves as a testament to their ability to evoke emotions through music and captures the essence of their shared creative vision.


Fun fact: Ibnu Dian drew inspiration for this song from a dream, recalling a performance he witnessed in his sleep. He promptly recorded the melody on his iPad upon waking up.

This emotionally resonant track is part of Matter Halo's upcoming deluxe album, "Nightvision (Love Is God Edition)," set for release on 7 December 2023. The album is a comprehensive showcase of Matter Halo's evolution and creative expansion, encompassing four sides: Side A introduces dance-infused rhythms, Side B presents the captivating 21-minute opus "Nightvision," while Sides C and D spotlight cross-border collaborations that bridge diverse genres and exemplify their artistic depth.