Lilium Releases New Single ‘Come out’ A Memetic Song Reflects Taiwan’s Media Disorder with Samba Rhythm and Metal Riffs


After “The Road to…” receiving the Best Taiwanese Hokkien Album Award of the 33rd Golden Melody Awards, Lilium doesn’t seem to be confined to the honor, instead, Lilium kept evolving by combining different musical styles into their production.

‘Come out’ was produced by Zheng Ge-jun (Sonic Deadhorse, sam-seng-hiàn-gē) and mixed by Matt Hsu (Flesh Juicer guitarist) in pursuit of heavy metal sound texture. The title ‘Come out’ stems from a classic Taiwanese internet meme, the phrase was to describe the victims’ anger, hence the perpetrator with power would often abuse the media to shift the focus, leaving victims no way to pursue justice. “Come out (to face it)” is the phrase often being used in these circumstances, in which the vocal line and melody were developed under the intonation of the phrase in Taiwanese.

Alternating from Lilium’s classic arrangement, the single dramatically starts with heavy distortion on bass and complex vocal layers repeating the simple lyric lines, and as the keyboard and guitar lead that heavily resembles the 70s progressive rock slides in, the whole single turns to groovy samba music with the lyric “Turn left, turn right” that as a metaphor of perpetrator shifting the blames, and a flute solo that reminds listeners of Jethro Tull to perfectly quote the single.