SOWUT and Shelhiel Reunite for Dancey New Single: "Girlz in the Mirror (Boyz Too)" - Juggling Timeless Garage With Modern Flair


SOWUT, who has garnered praises as one of the most versatile hip-hop artists from Taiwan, reunites with Malaysian pop polymath Shelhiel for their latest collaborative triumph, "Girlz in the Mirror (Boyz Too)." Drawing on their strong friendship and previous success with 2020 hit "Fashion Angel (Asia Remix)," the duo's creative chemistry shines through once again in this fresh and edgy offering. Shelhiel flawlessly infuses a nostalgic yet chic 2000s aesthetic into the contemporary soundscape of "Girlz in the Mirror (Boyz Too)." Serving as both the producer and arranger of the track, Shelhiel's playful skills elevate the music to new heights. At the same time, SOWUT's signature rap prowess and silky vocals add depth and charisma to the dancefloor-ready tune.


"Girlz in the Mirror (Boyz Too)" delves into the definition of "perfection," encouraging listeners to embrace and accept all aspects of themselves as they gaze into their reflections. The song also advocates for male empowerment, urging them to break free from traditional alpha male stereotypes and accept their vulnerability and rough patches that might be physically or spiritually reflected in the mirror.


The music video for "Girlz in the Mirror (Boyz Too)" is equally iconic, presenting a creative approach from the NXWV team that symbolizes the journey of self-discovery and understanding through the act of "selfies." Each shutter click captures a moment of self-realization, representing the pursuit of finding one's true self in the most perfect moments. The video continues to embrace millennial influences, featuring cool-colored tones and futuristic visuals juxtaposed with fragmented frames, creating a visually striking experience that echoes the essence of the song.


"Girlz in the Mirror (Boyz Too)" is set to be released on August 4 and is now available on all major streaming platforms and YouTube.