ANKR's 'Mountain Refuge' Compilation Offers Healing Ambient Sounds from Around the World


ANKR, the label that focuses on the environment and sound, released its annual compilation album "Mountain Refuge" on March 25. It embraces ambient music as its main axis, infusing dance music and experimental soundscapes to create a 50-minute, 10-song immersive electronic music journey.

According to ancient Eastern wisdom, sound can heal illness, which became the concept of this compilation. Ten electronic music producers from Taiwan and around the world are invited to join the journey.

The album features new tracks from Ryan J Raffa and Lemonfacer from the US, Yumi Iwaki from Tokyo who specializes in analog synthesizers, Pallas Atoll from Australia (formerly of Taiwan), and London-based Taiwanese producer Jin. The domestic electronic music scene is also well-represented with contributions from Sandy's Trace, INN, TZUHAN, Troy Lin, and Sun Jenga. The album explores the healing power of music and its connection to nature and culture.

The cassette is mastered by the renowned sound engineering studio Enisslab in Italy. The album's analog warmth is delicately conveyed in the first five tracks, which are divided into two chapters: 

The A-side, "Daytime Exploration" is a bright, clear musical journey that evokes a mountain walk, with heightened senses and a peaceful mind.

The B-side, "Nighttime Reflection at Camping Site" creates a profound atmosphere of multiple frequencies and sensations, like the solitary experience of camping in the mountains. It invites listeners to feel part of the whole, constructed by countless individuals in one moment.

Purchase the cassette on ANKR's Bandcamp