KAO!INC Launches Paid Live Streaming Music Show "Cook the Vibe"


Taipei-based hip-hop label KAO!INC. is launching live streaming show Cook the Vibe, an integrated sensory experience bringing online and offline worlds together. Four 30-minute pre-recorded gigs are taking place in some unlikely venues in Taipei - the kitchens of the city's super popular restaurants. By chopping the beats and brewing the flow, featured artists and supporting musicians will work as chefs and team members to bring mouthwatering, aromatic music feasts to the viewers' tables.

Foodie and KAO!INC founder Dela believes that putting on a good show is like cooking up a good feast. That's why when KAO!INC.'s online show brand is launched, "King of underground rap" GorDoN, charisma rapper Leo Wang, "weirdo skater boy" Chunyan and hip-hop duo Yeemao (formed by Leo Wang and Chunyan) are brought to the kitchens of Meowvelous Taipei Fan Club, Tai Jietou, Everwhere burger club and VG The Seafood Bar to "cook the vibe."

To further engage with the viewers, KAO!INC. launched pre-ordered and pre-delivered BOXSET, a food box ticket containing GorDoN potato sticks, Leo Wang mushroom instant noodles, Chunyan lollypop and Yeemao grilled fish. Viewers can use mobile devices to scan the QR code printed on the package to access the shows, and the food can be enjoyed during show time. Those who fancy an extra T-shirt and apron can go for Deluxe Set, while those who live outside of Taiwan can opt for digital tickets for individual episodes. Access to the shows from the first streamings (Aug 26 to Sep 16) until Oct 31 is included in all tickets; a Standard Set ticket (food box and access to all episodes) costs 999 TWD (around 34 USD).

As Taiwan's most influential hip-hop label, KAO!INC. had already been working to launch its online streaming brand before the pandemic, and Cook the Vibe is the first paid live streaming show launched in Taiwan since virtual tours and online concerts became the new normal in the global music scene. Considering that gig venues are currently still open in Taiwan and physical shows continue to attract music lovers, when it comes to monetization of online shows, Cook the Vibe might be seen as a pioneer to test the waters in a relatively COVID-free market with innovative and immersive solutions, rather than just another live streaming show during the pandemic.

For more information, please visit Cook the Vibe.