“FROM TAIWAN”: A 48-Hour Live Stream Fundraiser for COVID-19 Relief Efforts


The global pandemic of COVID-19 has hit many communities severely, with live music scenes around the world among the most impacted. The Taiwanese government has performed spectacularly in this outbreak, making Taiwan one of the few regions in the world where daily life has remained largely uninterrupted, for which Taiwanese people are extremely grateful.

As many communities, including our music and arts community, are only sustainable though a constant stream of live events, this pandemic has become a major obstacle which we are now finding ways to overcome. Drawing inspiration from the social media campaign #TaiwanCanHelp, artists at That’s My Shhh, the live event series led by independent rapper LEO37, have also decided to assist with the global relief effort with what they know best: music.

"FROM Taiwan" is a non-stop 48 hour streaming event they have compiled, in which some of Taiwan's best artists and DJs will bring and showcase some of their favorite music. In total, 26 artists/groups will share and talk about the music they love for two hours each. All of the proceeds generated will be donated, with half going to donatePPE.org and CanadaHelps, both non-profits seeking to provide face masks for doctors, nurses, and care givers on the frontlines in the US and Canada respectively. The other half of the proceeds will be donated to local Taiwanese independent recording and production studios that have been severely hit by the pandemic.

"FROM Taiwan" can be accessed through That's My Shhh's YouTube and Instagram:

YouTube: youtube.com/c/thatsmyshhh
Instagram: @thats.my.shhh

The event will be live starting at 00:00 on May 9th, and will conclude at 00:00 May 11th.

Artists currently slated to perform are as follows:

IP Lockers
Poppa Baer
Way (Brain Zapp)
Sonia Calico
Trout Fresh
Mr Skin
Brian Tseng
DJ Hauer
Han Chen (The Funk Soul Spectre)
Huang Jun Tuan
Afuro George
TYPE A (Conehead + RGRY+ Rohan Mills + Side Chen)
Beats & Friends