2019 DIGI WAVE: Collaboration of Art & Tech, with Breaking Through Cross-Over Performances by Lim Giong and Kay Huang


From October 9 to 13, 2019 DIGI WAVE "Spinning Kick from the Ocean" will be held at the Whale Bridge, on the opposite bank of the Kaohsiung Music Center. The main theme of the exhibition is the ocean, combining music, VR/AR somatosensory technology, and artworks to illustrate the developing trend of the digital industries in Kaohsiung.

The "somatosensory island" in the thematic exhibited area will cyclically play the video of "Spinning Kick from the Ocean." To look the huge whales slowly swimming around and listen to the sound of the ocean with the smell of the sea, all these settings will immerse the visitors in a unbelievable fantasy environment. The "future dining table", first ever seen in Taiwan, tries to deceive the visitors' sensory and brings some extraordinary experience.

The organizers point out that the marine theme not only emphasizes Kaohsiung is a marine city, but also tries to arouse people to pay close attention to the ocean and reflect the possibility of symbiosis between development and nature.

Inori, an interactive artwork nominated for 76th Venice International Film Festival Venice Virtual Reality Award 2019, will be exhibited the first time in Taiwan. It was created through the cooperation between HTC and Japanese cutting edge artist Miwa Komatsu. In the exhibited area, the artwork will be accompanied with legendary musician Kay Huang's compositions. By combining technology and art, they try to break the boundary of reality and fantasy. Kay Huang will hold a live performance on October 10 to extend the concept of Inori.

Another world-renowned artist, Lim Giong, the winner of the 68th Festival de Cannes OST Award, is set to collaborate with the new media design team Ultra Combos to perform the real time creative work Treasure on October 11 at the Whale Bridge O4 roof.

The works of Ultra Combos include Beyond the Shadows for Chimei Museum and the stage lighting of the performance of G.E.M. for the 30th Golden Melody Awards. Recently Lim Ciong tried to cooperate with artists from different fields, and composed soundtrack music and live electronic music improvised performances. They set shells and wave sound as the main theme, and use large area algorithms to destruct the micro visual images of shells, then create an aggregate of Images, sound, and devices from different points of view.

There will also be an outdoor market extending along the outdoor plaza of the Whale Bridge, including many marine related booths, such as outdoor bistros, an art market, etc. Because ocean sustainability is the main theme of DIGI WAVE, there will be special events to reflect the theme. For example, the Garbage Movie Theater is designed from the environmental protection concept, and the documentary See You Tomorrow, Ocean will be played there with a post-playing forum.

For more information, please go to https://www.facebook.com/digiwavetakao/