Warm Up Festival Announced Line-Up: Anpu and Bisiugroup to Be Expected


Internationally acclaimed music festival Wake Up Festival will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year. A special pre-event Warm Up Festival has been announced with folk-rock goddess Anpu, and rock band Bisiugroup in the lineup.

Anpu, formerly known as Deserts Xuan, released her debut album My Life Will in 2006, and rose to fame with the heart-warming hit "Baby". The following three albums, Oh, Dear. Dear. I Haven't, A City, and Games We Play, are in-depth discussions of the diverse relationship between people, and careful observation of communities of all corners of society. She wrote a number of songs that were moving, warm and healing, as voice for those who cannot. The artist won various acclamation such as the Best Lyrics Award of 24th Golden Melody Awards with her song "Rose-Colored."

The singer has been on hiatus for the past three years, and kept a low-key, ordinary life. This year, the artist announced her return as Anpu with two come-back concerts, and is set to stand on the stage of the Warm Up Festival in the coming year. Right after that, she'd be performing on the Sun Shooting Stage of Wake Up Festival, something that's bound to start up some buzz in the independent music circle.

Debuted in 2016, Bisiugroup (formerly known as Amazing Show) has a retro Taiwanese grassroots color that blends into rock and folk. Their signature hit "Roll-Cig" has over 3 million hits on YouTube. From their costumes to their music, fragrance of the good old days is ever-present. For years, they have often been invited to perform at major music festivals. Participated the Ho-Hi-Yang Gongliao Rock Festival earlier this year and took home Ocean Indies Judge's Choice Award.


Date: Jan 25-27, 2019
Admission: #Well-done Combo $2600; #Medium-rare Combo $500
Venue: Outdoors venue in Taipei + several exhibition spaces (#Individual performances sold separately)
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