Four Main Labels Join Forces to Record 20 Years of Taiwan Hip-Hop


Produced by Dela Chang, founder of hip-hop label KAO!Inc., a special documentary TAIWAN HIP HOP KIDS was released online October 10th. The film includes interviews with four top hip-hop labels across Taiwan, namely KAO!, truecolor, AINOKO Entertainment, and Kung Fu Entertainment. With over 16 groups of hip-hop artists, and nearly 100 hours of interview materials, the film faithfully presents the development of hip-hop music in Taiwan over the past 20 years.

According to Dela, the idea for this project came from watching numerous hip-hop documentaries on Netflix. The film takes us way back to the days of rap veterans MC Hotdog and Dwagie two decades ago. Through efforts done by field investigation, a journey of creation and life stories of the key figures of contemporary rap music is presented to the public.

Interviews with the four main labels is the main structure upon what Dela has chosen to build this project. Founded in 2005, KAO!Inc. has a strong hipsters style in music, branding, and also in their music videos. Its artists, Soft Lipa and Yeemao, have taken their place in the new generation of hip-hop artists; Headed by singer Ayal Komod and MC Hotdog, truecolor's specialty is their unyielding attention to live performances and entertainment value they bring. AINOKO Entertainment is a recent new force. Their most well-known crew is the grassroot superstar Nine One One. Kung Fu Entertainment was founded by godfather rapper Dwagie. Their music tends to focus on Taiwan's locality and multiculturalism.

The documentary is only one part of a special campaign. The special exhibition in Huashan Cultural and Creative Park this April attracted fans from all Taiwan and around the world. Over 8,000 visitors came in the short five days of the exhibition. The quality set design of the exhibition won the 2018 Golden Pin Design Award.

In addition to the documentary and special exhibitions, a single by GorDoN, “HIP HOP KIDS”, and a special book Taiwan Hip Hop Kids (working title) are planned for release. Pre-ordered starts mid-November and on sale mid-December. The details will be announced on the official Facebook page of KAO!Inc.

(English subtitles are available.)