2018 Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest Winners Announced


The 2018 Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest took place on the afternoon of 28 August at the CPC Building. The finalists performed live on stage in either indigenous languages, Hakka, or Hokkien to compete for the top spot in each language category. The awards ceremony was held immediately following the jury's deliberation. Dakanow (達卡鬧), Gina Yang (楊淑喻) and Good Ball Entertainment respectively won the top prize for the categories of Indigenous, Hakka, and Hokkien languages with a cash prize of NTD$300,000 each.

Now in its 15th edition, the Taiwan Composition and Songwriting Contest is co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture, the Council of Indigenous Peoples, and Hakka Affairs Council. It is Taiwan's most iconic stage for mother-tongue music and has cultivated many original artists. The awards ceremony was attended by Deputy Minister Celest Hsiao-ching Ting (丁曉菁) of the Ministry of Culture, Deputy Minister Calivat Gadu (鍾興華) of the Council of Indigenous Peoples, and Deputy Minister Yiong Cong-ziin (楊長鎮) of Hakka Affairs Council.

This year's awards ceremony was opened by Bun-Ha (文夏), winners of the Golden Melody Special Contributions Award, and the band Tai-Ko Eletro Company. In addition, after the finals of each language category, the winners of last year's contests, Lee Jin-ying (李晉瑩) of Hokkien category, Chen Yan-ju (陳彥竹) of Hakka, and Muniyu Saliljan (沐妮悠) of Indigenous languages, performed original pieces in their native languages. Together with the finalists, these artist passed on the creative energy of Taiwanese music, and also showed their love for the land.

According to the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, in addition to the awards, the winners will be on a touring music festival which starts on September 15 to perform in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taitung, and Kaohsiung. This event is sure to introduce original pop music to more audiences and encourage more young musicians to create pop music with their mother tongues.

Winners of 2018 Taiwan Music Composition and Songwriting Contest:

Indigenous Language Category

First prize: "Amin Anga Naluwan" by Dakanow Katifalan Luluan (達卡鬧)(Paiwan)
Second prize: "Lausila" by I-Want Entertainment (Paiwan)
Third prize: "Kasangalan" by Andung (安懂) and Cokim Ruvulreng (洪渟嵐)(Puyuma)
Honorable mention: "Ku Gali Semenai" by Sakinu Pavavaljung (羅智輝) (Paiwan)
Honorable mention: "'Orad" by Rata Karo (萬紹華) (Amis)
Honorable mention: "O 'iwil no Mirarakatay" by Sufin Paylan (蘇木成) (Amis)
Best live performance: "Amin Anga Naluwan" by Dakanow Katifalan Luluan (達卡鬧) (Paiwan)

Hakka Category

First prize: "Of Course" by Gina Yang (楊淑喻)
Second prize: "Nobody Answered" by Asue Chiu (邱莉舒)
Third prize: "Love Lupinus" by Golden Hook Music
Honorable mention: "Heart, Love, Beauty" by Rita Lin (林鈺婷)
Honorable mention: "Forgotten?" by Huang Guo-ning (黃國寧) and Cindy Jhong (鍾依芹)
Honorable mention: "Tonight" by CanC Li (李康慶)
Live Performance Award: "Tonight" by CanC Li (李康慶)

Hokkien Category

First prize: "Escape the Deep Ocean" by Good Ball Entertainment
Second prize: "You Know Nothing" by Yiyi (廖博儀)
Third prize: "King of Light" by Gobo Huang (黃柏翰)
Honorable mention: "Coffee for You" by Huang Pei-yu (黃培育) and Tseng Ji-lang (曾吉郎)
Honorable mention: "Three Holy Grails" by Shen Huai-yi (沈懷一)
Honorable mention: "Swish-Bam" by Sam Liao (廖士賢)
Best live performance: "Escape the Deep Ocean" by Good Ball Entertainment

Watch the full award ceremony: