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0 Peggy Hsu(許哲珮)/Swing Inc.

Peggy Hsu(許哲珮), the singer-songwriter finally released “Swing Inc.”(搖擺電力公司), her 8th album of compositions on Sep 10th. The album combines many creative music partners who mix swing, jazz, wind music and many other elements together and has brought Chinese composition to a whole new level in a vintage and pleasant atmosphere.

0 Sodagreen came back from Berlin with new album "Winter Endless"

Sodagreen(蘇打綠)launched the “Vivaldi Project”(韋瓦第計畫)in 2009. They announced surprisingly that their 10th album will be“Winter Endless”(冬 未了)and they released “Everyone” on the morning of Sep 15th, which is a song written by Wei(小威)the drummer to Greeny(青峰)the lead vocalist.

0 Rene Liu(劉若英)/Wish You Well

After releasing the album “Dear Stranger”(親愛的路人)in 2013, Rene Liu(劉若英), also known as “Milktea”(奶茶), is finally releasing her 14th album “Wish You Well”(我要你好好的)on Sep 22nd. The first single “Understood”(我懂了)is written and composed by Milktea’s fan Achau(阿超)......

0 Evan Yo(蔡旻佑)/I Think I Can

It has been three years since Evan Yo(蔡旻佑), the singer-songwriter who is famous for the song “I Can”(我可以)released the latest album Super Yo(超級右腦). After learning from different experience within these three years, Evan Yo’s newest extended play of 2015 “I Think I Can”(我想我可以)is finally released in Taiwan on Sep 11th.

0 Nicholas Teo(張棟樑)/There’s No If

After releasing the album “Let's Not Fall In Love Again”(別再驚動愛情), Nicholas Teo(張棟樑)left the music scene for three years. This summer he is finally releasing the new book “Long Vacation”(長假), which comes along with three new songs – “There’s No If”(人生沒有如果), “Idol Singer”(偶像歌手)and “Age of Bloom”(年華).

0 Unstoppable 3-Epochal Times

On Sep 4th, Bii(畢書盡), Andrew Tan(陳勢安), Ian(陳彥允)and Dino(李玉璽) released their compilation album “Unstoppable 3-Epochal Times”(勢在必行3 ─ 心時代 最終章).“Epochal Times” starts from the “heart” and depicts the colors we’ve experienced in our lives with the natural elements .

0 Fang Wu(吳汶芳)/《Chaos, but Beautiful》

“Chaos, but Beautiful”(汶亂,卻美好著), the first album composed by Fang Wu(吳汶芳)was released on Sep 3rd. The first single“Accumulated Loneliness”, which is also Fang Wu’s greatest hit, has been the interlude song of Chinese TV series “My Sunshine”(何以笙簫默)and Taiwanese idol drama “The Pursuit of Happiness”(愛的生存之道), making Fang Wu well-known in both countries.

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