"Oversea Calls" 1st single - 'Everytime' by Everydaze & O3ohn (Fortune Coookie Records)


About Fortune Coookie Records

Fortune Coookie Records was established by Howe Chen, Ziya Huang, Kain Han in 2020 right before Covid-19 sent its shockwave through the world. This predicted that Fortune Coookie Records how would sweep the world like a virus. All three founders have worked behind the Taiwanese pop music scene for many years and hope to utilize their all-round musical abilities to create unique aesthetics for their new-found label.


Breaking Boundaries with “Oversea Calls": 

Fortune Coookie Records unveils its debut compilation album “Oversea Calls”. This eclectic mini-album brings together five distinct Asian international musicians, weaving a tapestry of diverse musical styles and cultural influences. With a series of original tracks, “Oversea Calls“ promises to serve listeners a compelling musical feast, symbolizing the boundless dialogues between artists that transcend time and space.

Leading the charge in this first release is Taiwanese emerging music sensation, Everydaze, who collaborates with South Korea's rising star O3ohn on the single “Everytime". Both artists have gained considerable popularity in recent years, boasting deep musical roots and multifaceted talents, including full-scale production. Their friendship, born from several meetings, has culminated in a surprising creation that fuses Indie Rock elements to convey the inexplicable melancholy of life.

The lyrics and composition are a joint effort by the duo, reflecting their remarkable synergy throughout the production process. “Everytime” dives into the delicate balance between honesty and deceit within relationships. It explores the complexities of emotions stemming from conflicts, silent wars, and loneliness. It raises the question of what holds greater significance in a relationship – honesty or its endurance over time.

“Oversea Calls” not only marks the debut of Fortune Coookie Records but also signifies a remarkable collaborative journey among artists who bridge borders through their shared passion for music. Stay tuned for more from this exciting independent music label as the label continues to redefine musical boundaries.