BPM Ecstasy : Welcome to the Taipei & Beijing Techno Scenes | Pt.1


TaiwanPlus and ARTE, in collaboration with ZORBA and Volos Films, announced the premiere of 'BPM ECSTASY: The Techno Wave Between Taipei and Beijing.' This four-episode docuseries, directed by Olivier Richard, explores the underground techno scenes in Taiwan and China. It will debut on TaiwanPlus Doc YouTube Channel on November 11 and on ARTE's platforms on November 14 for European viewers.

The series offers a personal look into the techno subcultures of Taipei and Beijing, featuring prominent Artists/DJ like SUNK, tamiX, Elvis. T, Zhang Youdai ,Weng Weng, Sonia Calico, Tzusing, Dungi Sapor, Random Voices/XLF, DJ Ozone, INN, Zhelai, Lu Ming, PizzaFace and Lim Giong. It highlights the challenges and resurgence of DJ-ing in a post-pandemic era, emphasizing the unifying power of music.

'BPM ECSTASY' represents the first Taiwanese-French collaborative project of its kind. Michael Yu, CEO of TaiwanPlus, and producer David Kao highlight the series' role in celebrating diversity and fostering international community through the shared language of music.