BPM Ecstasy: Chinese or Taiwanese? Techno Music Connections | Pt.3


Explore Resilience in Asian Techno: "BPM Ecstasy" delves into the compelling resistance narratives within the techno scenes of Taiwan and China. This episode showcases the defiance of Chinese techno clubs and the unique integration of Indigenous culture by Taiwanese musicians into their techno creations. Central to these stories is resilience, as artists confront challenges like language discrimination, Indigenous heritage, and government opposition.

In Taiwan, Elvis T. is at the forefront of fostering connections with Indigenous and LGBTQ+ musicians, enriching the techno community with diverse influences. Meanwhile, in China, voices from Random Voices and the manager of DADA Bar Beijing shed light on the evolving landscape of the country's techno scene.

This episode invites viewers to follow DJs in Taipei and Beijing on their journeys of self-discovery, post-pandemic musical innovation, and understanding the essence of being a techno artist in Asia. "BPM Ecstasy" offers an exclusive look into the vibrant and pulsating heart of the techno scene stretching from Taiwan to China.