BPM Ecstasy : Beijing & Taipei: Rock Music to Techno DJs | Pt.2


"BPM Ecstasy," a documentary series co-published by TaiwanPlus and ARTE, explores the surprising connection between rock and techno music in Taiwan and China. The series reveals how many techno DJs in these regions evolved from rock backgrounds, featuring stories from legendary Chinese DJ Zhang Youdai and others. Zhang shares his transition from rock to techno, influenced by "Trainspotting" and Swiss student DJs. He and Weng Weng and Taipei's Elvis T. contributed significantly to China's techno scene, establishing Acupuncture Records and organizing the Intro Festival.

This four-part series offers an in-depth look at the lives of DJs in Taipei and Beijing, their musical journeys, and the role of techno music in Asia post-COVID-19, showcasing the vibrant heart of the techno scene across Taiwan and China.