Fans are Looking Forward to Tanya Chua's New Album “Aphasia(失語者)”.


Tanya Chua


After two years, Tanya Chua, who is crowned “Queen of Golden Melody(金曲天后)”, is finally releasing the brand new compositional album “Aphasia” on Nov 13th.  The pre-order began on Oct 28th.

Tanya has won “The Best Mandarin Female Singer(最佳國語女歌手)” at Golden Melody Awards for three times.  She used to make the albums all by herself, but in this latest album, there are crews from the US, UK, China, Japan, France, Italy and Germany who help her produce the album and Tanya has also made a great change in the style.  Tanya’s friend, Xiao Han(小寒)is the one in charge of the lyrics and as for the producing part, Tanya also cooperates with An-Dong(安棟), the well-known musician from China for the first time, creating a progressive style of electronic music.

Tanya has felt that people are addicted to their smartphones nowadays, spending less time talking to people right next to them and are facing the “aphasia” crisis.  Tanya uses electronic music to represent the social phenomenon and hopes she can remove the indifference among people with her warm voice.  Electronic music are usually known for their cold style; Tanya, however, hopes that her fans will still find out the “warmth” in her music.

Tanya says “I’ve done the warm and healing love songs before.  Even my fans will get bored with me at some point and that will be a terrible blow to me.”  That’s why she has tried to make some difference in her music along with the change of the world.  Her fans may not accept the change right away, but they can still appreciate the efforts she has made.  With the release of the hit single “Strange Species”, many fans are already looking forward to the whole picture of Tanya’s new album.

▼Teaser of  MV “Strange Species”

▼Behind the scenes of “Aphasia”