DJ Sonia Calico Drops Debut Album Simulation of an Overloaded World


Born and raised in Taipei, DJ/Producer Sonia Calico has been at the forefront of Taiwan's dance music scene, with a sharp ear for music that brings unique grooves to the dancefloor. She is always striving to find new sounds, never constrained by genre.

From her beginnings with electronic rock group, Go Chic, to productions & sets under the Sonia Calico moniker, you can find a variety of influences in her music from breakbeat, trap, b-more, footwork, grime, ballroom and beyond.

Sonia's debut album, Simulation Of An Overloaded World is her most complete and ambitious body of work comprising 11 tracks with influences from dancehall, kuduro, GQOM, trance and more -- also including traditional East Asian instrumentation. She explains:

"This album is an attempt to simulate the world of the future, to create the vision of a post-human scenario, to imagine the next life form that might arise into the world. In order to reflect the world we are in at this moment, unstoppable progression of technology, over-expanded desires from men and overloaded information to process.

80% of the music from this album was made after the lockdown, it reflects my state of mind experiencing all the musical events that went virtual - we're witnessing the time of club simulation."

This project found it's home on London's prolific More Time Records when the label's co-founder, Ahadadream was on tour in Asia earlier this year. The pair spent time in the studio in Taipei together exploring percussive club rhythms that the label is known for.

Simulation Of An Overloaded World is a definitive club album which effortlessly explores percussive genres from around the world and is a landmark moment in More Time's 2020.

Simulation of an Overloaded World:

01. Chaos (Part I)
02. Club Simulation (released 8th October)
03. Iridescent Vision feat. Taj Raiden
04. That Dance on That Moon
05. Division by Zero feat. Air Max '97
06. Post Chao (Part II)
07. Neo Tokyo Folk feat. Dustin Ngo
08. Mukbang Roller
09. Primary Function Overloaded
10. Back To The Horizon (Part III)
11. That Drum on That Moon (Dub)