ANKR Live Sessions Episode 3 : Sonia Calico / Sazasa


ANKR Live Sessions is an electronic music spectacle that takes place in outdoor surroundings. We entered nature to capture the harmonious relationship between humanity and the environment, melding together sound and space to commemorate the extraordinary moment. ANKR also sampled the natural environment from the east coast and collected traditional aboriginal music in first-hand recordings, then brought them back to Taipei for the four music producers to create new music for the Live Session performances.

Luan-Shan lies at the southernmost tip of the Coastal Mountains, where the indigenous people “Bununs” established their tribe. Bununs call Luan-Shan “Sazasa,” which means “A piece of land where crops grow tall, animals are active, and people live well.” This southern land forest has sustained Bunun’s traditional culture since their birth, and the land is the eternal root of their culture. Sonia Calico, a DJ, producer, and record label owner, has been at the forefront of Taiwan’s music scene for years.