ANKR : Connecting nature and people by electronic audiovisual experience


Founded in 2020, ANKR is a label that employs music to connect nature and people, influences reflection on environmental issues, and returns to embrace the inspiration of mother nature.

ANKR brings together electronic music practitioners with a professional video production team to create a unique audiovisual experience of Taiwan’s great outdoors.

ANKR Live Sessions is an electronic music spectacle that takes place in outdoor surroundings. We entered nature to capture the harmonious relationship between humanity and the environment, melding together sound and space to commemorate the extraordinary moment.

ANKR also sampled the natural environment from the east coast and collected traditional aboriginal music in first-hand recordings, then brought them back to Taipei for the four music producers to create new music for the Live Session performances.

Dōng (東) - east
Lóu (羅) - to exhibit, to display, all-inclusive

In Chinese analogies “xīng luó qí bù” (scattered things like stars in the sky) and “bāo luó wàn xiàng” (all-embracing), the character “Luo” means “to exhibit” and “all-inclusiveness”. This compilation is about the eastern world, and the east coast of Taiwan, so we called it “Dong Luo.”

All six songs included in this compilation are from the year-long ANKR Live Sessions creative project, with the theme of musically interpreting the natural landscapes of Taiwan. Through the process of collecting sound materials and inspiration, each artist attempted to capture these locations’ special attributes. In this way, Dong Luo reproduces an intersection of energies, creating a unique reality which can be cherished and experienced elsewhere.

You can listen to "Dong Luo" at below.