Soundtrack to HBO's Taiwanese Original Series Workers Now Available Online


Renowned Taiwanese independent label HIM International will now release a 5 track EP of music from HBO's comedy-drama Workers.

The label has previously produced hit original soundtracks for Netflix's The Victims' Game and HBO's critically acclaimed The World Between Us (both Taiwanese original series).

The EP is available now online, with physical copies available from June.

Based on a novel of the same title, Workers tells the story of a group of construction workers who daydream about getting rich. Through their hopeless attempts they only make fools out of themselves, but the optimistic workers remain untroubled and continue their happy-go-lucky lives.

Filmed entirely on a real construction site, the Taiwanese original comedy-drama series has been receiving rave reviews since its launch on May 10.

Eric Wang's "YOUniverse" has attracted much attention since its debut in the series trailer. The sentimental yet soothing melody and memorable vocals quickly helped establish the singer-songwriter amongst tastemakers.

Eric Wang. (Photo courtesy of HIM International Music)

"I'm glad that my song has brought warmth to viewers and listeners. I hope the power of the song is well delivered and received," said Wang in response to the positive comments on his singing and songwriting talents.

After winning first place at the 12th HIM International Singer Songwriter Competition, Wang was signed to HIM International and started his music career. "YOUniverse" is his first soundtrack work.

"Wait No More" is written and performed by Karencici, who wrote "Don’t Let Me Go Away" for The World Between Us soundtrack.

Karencici. (Photo courtesy of HIM International Music)

The characters of Workers fluctuate between hope and despair, and in order to channel that mindset Karencici drew upon her own personal experiences as inspiration for this new track.

"I was always wondering, 'how much longer do I have to wait to make my debut?'" said Karencici, who waited for five years after she was signed before finally releasing her debut album.

Following on from the success of their collaboration on The World Between Us, HIM International Music and DaMou Entertainment teamed up again on Workers, where Chou's "Watch Over Me" is a perfect example of the strength of their partnership.

By the time the demo of "Watch Over Me" was selected for one specific episode of Workers, the production team was still trying to cast for a role in the show: a female worker who loves to sing. HIM International saw the potential in Where Chou and recommended her to director Cheng Fen-fen, who immediately knew she was the perfect fit.

By casting one of the artists in the show, the connection between the soundtrack and the story is further strengthened, making the series more relatable for viewers.

The 6-episode show is available on HBO GO and myVideo.

Workers EP tracklist:

Eric Wang - "YOUniverse"
Karencici - "Wait No More"
Power Station - "Long Gone", "Ode To Dad"
Where Chou - "Watch Over Me"