Sonia Calico at the Helm, Electronic Music Label UnderU Releasing Album UnderU Presents Pantry


Taipei-based music label UnderU, led by electronic music DJ/producer Sonia Calico, is releasing a new compilation album UnderU presents Pantry on September 20. A total of 11 independent artists from Taiwan and Hong Kong are involved, including Sonia Calico herself, and the up-and-coming Dizparity.

UnderU Presents Pantry maintains UnderU's consistent ear-grabbing characteristics and the emphasis on dance music. It reflects a sense of human primal selves and yields a glimpse of Taipei's electronic music scene. If music is food for the soul, then as the name suggests, this album is the storage space.

UnderU founder Sonia Calico. (Photo courtesy of UnderU)

UnderU, one of Asia's leading electronic music labels, has been deeply involved in local and international music events since its establishment in 2011. It continues to build and broaden the vision of music creators in Taipei by inviting artists from international labels, including Do Hits from Beijing, Absurd TRAX from Hong Kong, Yesterday Once More from Fukuoka, Japan, Darker Than Wax from Singapore, and many more. It has made the city the place to watch in the emerging wave of Asian electronic music. UnderU is also actively involved in the local Taiwanese music scene. Through participating regularly in the Beatmakers Taipei workshop, Sonia Calico personally experienced the steady and visible growth of Taipei's creative community. In 2017, the label gathered works by nearly twenty artists and launched the first double album GREENHOUSE and WAREHOUSE to show the world the duality of Taipei's electronic music scene—the former suited for quiet listening and the latter for clubbing.

(Photo courtesy of UnderU)

UnderU will host a launch party for the album on September 27 at FINAL in Taipei. For more information, visit

UnderU presents Pantry:

01. Sonia Calico - Rivulet Ballad Feat. Jami Brwn
02. Utingling - Autotomy
03. Ao Wu - Unstable Sight
04. GuyL - Tinnitus Cerebri (腦鳴)
05. Szu Hsien - 21
06. Crying Mento - Duel Links Riddim
07. 27zig - Tear
08. Y theory - Sk8 Sk8
09. Starfish< - Mirror