Taiwanese Veteran DJ Mykal Cooperates with Japanese DJ BAKU and Rapper Takuma the Great for New Single "BTM"


The prestigious DJ Mykal, second to none in Taiwan, invited Japanese DJ BAKU and rapper Takuma the Great to co-work their new single "BTM".

As the co-founder of ROKON, the electronic sub-label of the legendary Rock Records, and owner of the independent record store M@M Records, DJ Mykal has extended his music career more than one score years. He is good at fusing many different music genres such as Breakbeat, Rock, Hip-Hop, House, Electro, Drum'n'Bass into his works, and blending plenty of Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese music to create his own distinct fresh and fashionable electronic music. It's not accidental that many world-famous bands, including The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers, always liked to invite him as the warm-up DJ.

In 2007, DJ Mykal invited Japanese DJ BAKU to perform on the stage of the Formoz Festival, the then-largest music festival in Taiwan. Since then, they became good friends and kept in touch. Ten years later, they performed on the same stage in a party, and therefore started their cooperation in music creation. DJ BAKU has a noticeable music style. He is good at merging Reggae and Rock into Drum'n'Bass, Trap, etc. He also cooperates with famous Japanese musicians such as Tabito Nanao, Keiichiro Shibuya, and Shing02.

The new collaboration single is inspired by an erhu melody performed by a friend of DJ BAKU many years ago. They wrap this melody by the heavy rhythm of Drumstep and Drum'n'Bass. Furthermore, the 2011 Japanese Best New Artist winner Takuma the Great, a Taiwanese-Japanese mixed race, was invited to write the Chinese lyrics and rap in the song.

DJ Mykal extracted the first letters from their names and dubbed this tune "BTM". The new single was released today.