NekoJam and French Producer Movenchy Team Up for "Be Yourself" Remix


NekoJam is an all-female electronic music group that integrates the four members' style into a cohesive and recognizable sound all their own. Their name is a combination of the Japanese word "Neko," which means cat and the universal term for instrumental improv and experimentation: "Jam." Since playing together as classmates, making music and jamming for years, the women behind NekoJam have borrowed from a range of influences to develop their own unique version of electronic music with live instrumentation and upbeat pop overtones. After releasing their 2017 EP I Feel So Good, with ROKON, an electronic imprint of the legendary Rock Records, NekoJam's four on the floor beats created a new standard for Taiwanese electronic pop music that appealed to discerning listeners but didn't shy away from experimentation. They've been putting out music for five years, but their popularity really took off over the past couple of years. The group was recognized by an audience vote as champions on a music talent live TV show from the beginning until the show came to an end in 2018.

Combining playful melodies and danceable beats with a keen sense of image and fashion, their popularity has opened up many possibilities for the sound of the future and showed that Taiwan has room for the next wave of artists who push the boundaries of electronic music. When they released their newest single "Be Yourself" at the end of 2018, it was apparent that NekoJam was mixing UK House with their own style by adding a hint of club-pop anthem songwriting thrown in for good measure. This release showed a clear break from their usual style, which has redefined NekoJam as a band that plays by a different set of rules. Each member brings their own musical flair to the table that expresses individuality and manages to balance the complications of displaying elegance with both feminine and handsome traits. Shunning labels and refusing to be boxed in by industry expectations has been a winning strategy for the group.

For this remix by French producer Movenchy, the catchy vocal chorus by NekoJam's Sandra is brought to the forefront of the song, with pulsating beats sped up to push the energy of the track to full capacity. Movenchy adds a gritty bass line to contrast the smooth vocals, giving a dark G-house/future house edge to the production. Forgoing most of the lyrical flourishes that define the original version, Movenchy focuses on the high energy of the track and brings out a banger. Since starting his music career in 2014, Movenchy has been gaining momentum with tunes that encompass the subgenres of house music from funky breakbeats and spacey synths to the dark and glitchy side of the sound emerging from the club scene in his hometown of Paris. Tracks by Movenchy have been featured on several labels including Confession, Gold Digger, Future House Music. Given his background and catalogue of music, this pairing gives listeners the perfect outlet to get a fresh take on NekoJam's latest single, giving fans a new perspective on the track.

Be on the lookout this summer because NekoJam is poised to release a conceptual album called NKJ_1, on ROKON. Prepare yourself for what this stand-out group has in store for your listening pleasure and see where their musical journey takes them.