2019 Golden Melody Awards Nominations: Jolin Tsai and Sandy Lam Leads


The 2019 Golden Melody Awards have just announced this year's nominees, with the two most nominated artists being Jolin Tsai and Sandy Lam, both seeing their respective albums Ugly Beauty and 0 being nominated for seven awards. Closely trailing the two female artists are 22-year-old singer/rapper ØZI, with his debut album ØZI: The Album and CHTHONIC's Battlefields of Asura both receiving six nominations.

The full list of 27 awards and nominees were also released by The Ministry of Culture’s Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development on May 15th. This year also marks the 30th anniversary of the Golden Melody Awards, with veteran singer Sandee Chan acting as this year's jury president. This year's Special Contribution Award will be given to Blacklist Studio, for their lasting contribution to pop music in Taiwan.

The ceremony is set to be held on June 29th at the Taipei Arena, and will be broadcasted/live-streamed by Taiwan Television.

Album of the Year

  • Best Mandarin Album nominees
  • Best Taiwanese Album nominees
  • Best Hakka Album nominees
  • Best Indigenous Album nominees

Song of the Year

  • "Millennia's Faith Undone" - CHTHONIC w/ Denise Ho
  • "Sleeping in the Ocean"- Eason Chan
  • "Womxnly" - Jolin Tsai
  • "Chauvinism" - Sandy Lam
  • "Seventeen" - S.H.E
  • "Newly Written Old Song" - Johnthan Lee
  • "Waves Wandering" - EggplantEgg

Best Mandarin Album

  • Where Are We Going? - Eli Hsieh
  • Wu Bing Singing, Yo Chin Soothing - Leo Wang
  • Fade to Exist - Eve Ai
  • Shi’s Journey - Shi Shi
  • Ugly Beauty - Jolin Tsai
  • ØZI: The Album - ØZI
  • 0 - Sandy Lam

Best Hokkien Album

  • Battlefields of Asura - CHTHONIC
  • Snail - Jody Chiang
  • Girls - Nana Lee
  • Jazz’s Good! - Emily Kuan
  • Warming a Pot of Youth to Drink - Ardor Huang
  • Darknet - Dwagie
  • Forgotten West - Sam Liao

Best Hakka Album

  • Drifting - Voter Hsu, Huang Wei Jie, Liu Rong Chang, Ye Yu Ting
  • Return & Restore - iColor
  • We Settled Here - Lo Sirong
  • Love for Granted - Yang Su Yu

Best Indigenous Album

  • Swashake - Yawai Mawlin
  • Senglit - Muniyu
  • VANGAV - Cemelesai
  • The Amis Polyphony Recordings - Abomusic: Wu Gu Lu, Tseng Guang Fu, Wang Fu Lai, Yang Shi
  • Mei, Lin Lung Mei, Guo Mei Yu
  • Ti Cemelesai Ata - Salasaladj Kerekelj Eleng

Music Video of the Year

  • "Go Slow" - Deca Joins (Director: Yuta Sekiyama)
  • "Millennia's Faith Undone" - CHthONIC (Director: Bo De, Mo)
  • "Seventeen" - S.H.E (Director: Chen Ye Ren)
  • "Slow" - Sunset Rollercoaster (Director: Namso, Youkim)
  • "10 Ways to End" - Ribbon (Director: Huang Ming Zhi
  • "Taiwan’s Good" - Bobby Chen (Director: Bobby Chen)
  • "Sabrina Don’t Get Married Again!" - Joanna Wang (Director: Robert Youngblood)
  • "Ugly Beauty" - Jolin Tsai (Director: Chen Ye Ren)

Composer of the Year

  • Cheer Chen - "Sofa Sea" (Performed by Cheer Chen)
  • Eve Ai - "Forever Young" (Performed by Eve Ai)
  • Tanya Chua - "Testament" (Performed by Tanya Chua)
  • Ronghao Li - "Growing Fond of You" (Performed by Karen Mok)
  • Enno Cheng - "Jade" (Performed by Enno Cheng)

Lyricist of the Year

  • Freddy Lim - "Millennia's Faith Undone" (Performed by CHTHONIC w/ Denise Ho)
  • Bobby Chen - "Rain and Sun" (Performed by Bobby Chen)
  • Xiao Han - "Angels" (Performed by Sandy Lam)
  • Jonathan Lee - "Newly Written Old Song" (Performed by Jonathan Lee)
  • Song Dongye - "Knowing" (Peformed by Song Dongye)

Arranger of the Year

  • Yu - "Dream walking" (Performed by Shi Shi)
  • Shi Shi; Chen Jun Hou; Lin Hung Ye; Hsu Yo Ying; Zhong Wei Yu - "Love me like a Liar" (Performed by Shi Shi)
  • ØZI - "B.O." (Performed by ØZI)
  • Zun Shi An - "Styx" (Performed by Sam Liao)
  • Cheng Dan Lei - "Ghosts & Demons" (Performed by Sandy Lam)
  • YELLOW - "Urban Disease" (Performed by YELLOW)

Best Album Producer

  • Chen Jian Chi - Fade to Exist (Performed by Eva Ai)
  • Wang Shuang Jun - L.O.V.E. (Performed by Eason Chan)
  • Ning Ze Da; Yoyo Sham - Nothing is Under Control (Performed by Yoyo Sham)
  • Linus of Hollywood; Joanna Wang; Andrew Page - Modern Tragedy (Performed by Joanna Wang)
  • Arai Soichiro - Fairyland (Performed by Sue Mi Feng)

Best Song Producer

  • Eli Hsieh; Chen Jun Hao - "Where Are We Going?" (Performed by Eli Hsieh)
  • Starr Chen - "Ugly Beauty" (Performed by Jolin Tsai)
  • ØZI, MCKY, LilFu & Razor - "B.O." (Performed by ØZI)
  • Sandee Chen - "Stay" (Performed by Hebe Tien)
  • Chen Jian Chi; Han Li Kang - "Don’t cry Don’t cry" (Performed by Waa Wei)
  • Yu Jia Lun; Huang Huang Xuan - "Urban Disease" (Performed by Yellow)

Best Mandarin Male Singer

  • Eli Hsieh - Where Are We Going?
  • Leo Wang - Wu Bing Singing, Yo Chin Soothing
  • Kowen Ko - Song of the Bards
  • Li Ronghao - Ears
  • ØZI - ØZI: The Album

Best Mandarin Female Singer

  • Eve Ai - Fade to Exist
  • Shi Shi - Shi’s Journey
  • Yoyo Sham - Nothing is Under Control
  • Jolin Tsai - Ugly Beauty
  • Sandy Lam - 0

Best Hokkien Male Singer

  • Kang Kang - Kang Kang’s Brand New Debut Hokkien Album: Jia Jia Jia Jia
  • Ardor Huang - Warming a Pot of Youth to Drink
  • Dwagie - Darknet
  • Sam Liao - Forgotten West
  • Hsu Fu Kai - I’m Not as Happy as You Think

Best Hokkien Female Singer

  • Joey Chiang - Snail
  • Kerris Tsai - Fish Out of Water
  • Nana Lee - Girls
  • Emily Kuan - Jazz’s Good!
  • Hanya Chang - JUST YOU & me

Best Hakka Singer

  • iColor - Return & Restore
  • Lo Sirong & Gomoteu - We Settled Here
  • Gina Yang (Ginascan) - Love for Granted
  • Hsieh Yu-Wei - ONGUONGU2

Best Indigenous Singer

  • Yawai Mawlin - Swasico
  • Seredau - Cradles in Memory
  • Cemelesai - VANGAV
  • BOXING - Maya Maluqem

Band of the Year

  • PUMPKINney Fan Club - Alter Ego
  • CHTHONIC - Battlefields of Asura
  • Sunset Rollercoaster - CASSA NOVA
  • Flesh Juicer - Fairy Tales of Ocean Deep
  • Won Fu - Won Fu Love Songs
  • Bisiugroup - King of Light
  • Tizzy Bac - Him

Best Duo or Group

  • The Chairs - Lovely Sunday
  • Vast & Hazy - I’m Not OK.
  • O-Kai Singers - Some People Say
  • HighCC - HighCC
  • MJ116 - Zou Tiao

Best New Artist

  • The Fur. - Town
  • Evangeline Wong - Wilder
  • Karencici - SHA YAN
  • Bisiugroup - King of Light
  • ØZI - ØZI: The Album
  • Angry Youth - Campus Romance
  • Lexie Liu - 2029

Best Instrumental Album

  • Lines & Stains - Tokyo Chuo-Line Feat. Minyen Hsieh
  • Sound | Savors - Hope Yeh
  • City Animals - Yuhan Su
  • Songs of Mystery and Hope - Alex Pryrodny
  • Black Bear Forest OST - Purdull

Best Instrumental Album Producer

  • Ken Ohtake, Toru Hayakawa, Noriaki Fukushima - Lines & Stains (Performed by Tokyo Chuo-Line Feat. Minyen Hsieh)
  • Yuhan Su - City Animals (Performed by Yuhan Su)
  • Lu Luming - XIAO MEI (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Performed by Lu Luming)
  • Purdull - Black Bear Forest OST (Performed by Purdull)
  • YuYing Hsu, Chialun Yue - PROJECT 3 (Performed by YuYing Hsu)

Best Instrumental Composer

  • Toru Hayakawa - "Sneezer - Lines & Stains" (Performed by Tokyo Chuo-Line feat. Minyen Hsieh)
  • Owen Wang - "Choice" (Performed by An De Shi, I Ching Wang, Ju May lin, CHUANG,Kai Wei, Kai YU Jian, Yi Hsin Cindy Liu, Yu Mien Tsao, Hsin Yi Huang, Kai Cheng, Florent Nieh, Ting Mei
  • Chuang, Tzu Yang Jack Chou, Lin Jui Ping, Yi hsuan Kuo, Daphne Su, Jade Chang, Miogo Chang)
  • Yuhan Su - "Viaje" (Performed by Yuhan Su)
  • Luo Ning - "Outside My Window" (Performed by Luo Ning)
  • YuYing Hsu - "CHAPTER III: INDIA, ITALY AND I"(Performed by YuYing Hsu)

Best Album Package Designer

  • Huang Chia Hsien, Yang feng ming - Hold That Tiger
  • Tsai Shu Yu - Warming a Pot of Youth to Drink
  • Gelresai Chen - Much Ado About Nothing
  • Huang Bo Han, Yang Shi Ching - King of Light
  • Joe Fang, FKWU - In Other Words

Best Vocal Recording Album

  • SHA YAN (Zhang Wei Hong, Tsai Jou Han, Link Shan, Karencici, kvn, Martin, Jason Park,Newos, Recording Engineer; Daniela Rivera, kvn, Machi DIDI, Will Peng, Mixing Engineer; Chris Gehringer, Mastering Engineer)
  • Ugly Beauty (Jansen Chen, AJ Chen, Zachary Lin, Micky Yang, Yu Hsuan Yeh, Mimi Tang, Chief Wang, Jou Han Tsai, Howe Chen, Jason Hsu, Recording Engineer; Luca Pretolesi, Andy Lin, Scott Banks, Phil Tan, Bill Zimmerman, Ziya Huang, Mixing Engineer; Luca Pretolesi, Mastering Engineer)
  • Matzka Station (Han Wen Ni, Lei Chang Hang, Li Zhuo, Jorge Espinosa Cruz, Andy Baker, Jou Han Tsai, Jun Kung, Arai Soichiro, Link Shan, TC Z., Recording Engineer; Ted Jensen, Mastering Engineer)
  • 2029 (Kenn Wu, Recording Engineer; Bob Horn, Jochem Van Der Sag, Mixing Engineer; Randy Merrill, Mastering Engineer)
  • 0 (Han Wen Ni, Y.Lam, Derrick Sepnio, Chang Shilei, Li Zhuo,Recording Engineer; Brent Clark, Mixing Engineer; Ryan Smith, Mastering Engineer)

Best Instrumental Recording Album

  • Ruby Pan Original Fusion Jazz Album (Zen Chien, Recording Engineer; Kimuramasakazu, Mixing Engineer; Kimuramasakazu,Mastering Engineer)
  • City Explorations (Hsieh Yi Fang, Fengtse Hsieh, Tso Hsing, Recording Engineer; Craig Burbidge, Michele Paciulli, hsieh Yi Fang, Mixing Engineer; Bob Ludwig, Mastering Engineer)
  • 9 (Zen Chien, Recording Engineer; Keller Wang, Mixing Engineer; M.T.Sun, Mastering Engineer)
  • Pendulum (Abuy Budiyana, Wolfgang Obrecht, Recording Engineer; Wolfgang Obrecht、Abuy Budiyana, Liu Yi Hung, Mixing Engineer; Liu Yi Hung, Mastering Engineer)
  • The Journey (Dave Darlington, Recording Engineer; Dave Darlington, Mixing Engineer; Dave Darlington, Mastering Engineer)

Outstanding Contribution Award

  • Blacklist Studio