aMEI, JJ Lin Leads Golden Melody Awards 2018 Nominations


The Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development (影視及流行音樂產業局) of Ministry of Culture (文化部) announced the nomination list of this year's Golden Melody Awards (金曲獎) on June 16. Singers aMEI and JJ Lin lead with 6 nominations respectively, while the Outstanding Contribution Award goes to veteran diva Julie Su and bass virtuoso Joy Kuo. There are 19 nominees for the most-coveted "Album of the Year" award, which was first given out last year.

Album of the Year

Best Mandarin Album nominees
Best Hokkien Album nominees
Best Hakka Album nominees
Best Indigenous Album nominees

Song of the Year

"To Have, or Not to Have" - Lin Sheng Xiang
"Southbound Night Bus" - Fire EX.
"He-R" - Crowd Lu
"Guan Yin Shan" - Lo TaYou
"Little Big Us" - JJ Lin

Best Mandarin Album

When I Leave Taipei - Leon Zheng
The Inner Me - LaLa Hsu
C'mon In~ - Eason Chan
Story Thief - aMEI
Little Big Us - JJ Lin
The Journal - Dean Ting

Best Hokkien Album

Cartoon Character - EggPlantEgg
Mend the Dreams - Hsu FuKai
Shake the Mountains and Rivers - Chen Ming Chang
Kin - The Village Armed Youth Band
Cheers - Ricky Hsiao

Best Hakka Album

Da Ling Jiao Xia 2 - Qiulin
Dim Night - Huang Wei Jie
The Dirt Road - Ayugo Huang
Hakka Girl - Caleb Hsiao

Best Indigenous Album

Sitting Together - Paliulius
Infection - Seredau
Naomi - CMO Group
With You - Siva9 Band

Music Video of the Year

"He's a Space Deris from the Doomsday Prophecy" - Sandee Chan (Director: TZF)
"Thai Cha Cha" - Namewee (Director: Chayanop Boonprakob)
"The Prayer" - LaLa Hsu (Director: Bill Chia)
"Waves" - Vast & Hazy (Director: Birdy Production)
"Pseudo-Single, Yet Single" - A-Lin (Director: Leo, Jimmy Yao)
"Yuki Onna" - Waa Wei (Director: MO)
"Left Behind" - aMEI (Director: Lo Ging-Zim)

Composer of the Year

Sandee Chan, Waa Wei - "No No" (Performed by Sandee Chan & Waa Wei)
Crowd Lu - "He-R" (Performed by Crowd Lu)
Eve Ai - "The Prayer" (Performed by LaLa Hsu)
Li Jian Qing - "Hometown" (Performed by Li Jian Qing)
JJ Lin - "Little Big Us" (Performed by JJ Lin)

Lyricist of the Year

Wang Chau-Hua - "To Have, or Not to Have" (Performed by Lin Sheng Xiang)
Crowd Lu - "He-R" (Performed by Crowd Lu)
Yan Bin, Jonathan Lee - "Hometown" (Performed by Li Jian Qing)
Ge Da Wei - "Full Name" (Performed by aMEI)
Song Dongye - "Guo YuanChao" (Performed by Song Dongye)

Arranger of the Year

Shao-Yong Huang - "With You" (Performed by Xiao Yu)
Phil Wen - "Grim Reaper" (Performed by Janice Yan)
Kenn C - "A Dancing Van Gogh" (Performed by Sun Yanzi)
Jerald Chan - "Wake" (Performed by Eason Chan)
Chang Shilei - "Piao Bai" (Performed by Isabella Huang)

Best Album Producer

Howard LeeSérgio Luiz Brandão, Aaron Chen - Brazilian Essence (Performed by Bossa Negra)
Jonathan Lee - Still an Outlander (Performed by Li Jian Qing)
Penny Tai - ExtraOrdinary (Performed by Koala Liu)
Jerald Chan - C'mon In~ (Performed by Eason Chan)
JJ Lin - Little Big Us (Performed by JJ Lin)

Best Single Producer

Lin Sheng Xiang - "To Have, or Not to Have" (Performed by Lin Sheng Xiang)
Fire EX. - "Southbound Night Bus" (Performed by Fire EX.)
Crowd Lu - "He-R" (Performed by Crowd Lu)
Kenn C, Sun Yanzi - "A Dancing Van Gogh" (Performed by Sun Yanzi)
PoeTeK - "MyBong" (Performed by PoeTek & Julia Wu)

Best Mandarin Male Singer

Xiau Yu - With You
Nicky Lee - Will You Remember
Eason Chan - C'mon In~
JJ Lin - Little Big Us
Haor - HOW

Best Mandarin Female Singer

Amuyi - O_LOVE
LaLa Hsu - The Inner Me
Faye - LittleOuterspace
aMEI - Story Thief
Julia Peng - When I Look Back

Best Hokkien Male Singer

Only You - I Do Your Patrons
Ric Jan - The Phonograph of Life, Drama Soundtracks Collection 2
Hsu FuKai - Mend the Dreams
Jingjia Tsai - Still Loving You
Ricky Hsiao - Cheers

Best Hokkien Female Singer

Joanne Lin - Fragile Heart
Elly Chang - Elly Love You
Angel ChuDeng Tian Guang
Hanya Chang - Look Up
Gigi Wu - True Happiness Indeed

Best Hakka Singer

Qiulin - Da Ling Jiao Xia 2
Huang Wei Jie - Dim Night
Ayugo Huang - The Dirt
Caleb Hsiao - Hakka Girl

Best Indigenous Singer

Paliulius - Sitting Together
Seredau - Infection
Magaitan - la mathuaw maqitan apiakuzan

Band of the Year

Fire EX. - Begin the Second Half
Sweet John - Dear
EggPlantEgg - Cartoon Character
LEO37+SOSS - Be Well World
The Chairman - The Offering
Mr. Loud Who Chance - I'm Not a Superman

Best Duo or Group

Yeemao - Yeemao Song
Astro BunnyLoneliness, Sadness and a Thank You
Crispy - Are You Happy
MJ116 - Big Thing
Chang and LeeChang and Lee, Vol. 2

Best New Artist

Leon ZhengWhen I Leave Taipei
EggPlantEgg - Cartoon Character
J.Sheon - J.Sheon
Jerry Li - Stay Sober
Janice Yan - I Have My Self
Paige Su - We're All Lonely Souls
Dean Ting - The Journal

Best Instrumental Album

8 - Timeless Fusion Party
Portfolio of BabyC - BabyC, Zeng Cheng, Filmorchester Babelsberg
Daphne Su - Daphne Su, Dong Yun Chang, Ray Huang, Hope Yeh, Owen Wang, Yuying Hsu, Chang Han Chung, Fan Hsu, Jay Cheng, Edric Chang
happened, happening - Yuying Hsu, Alex Sipiagin, Donny McCaslin, Boris Kozlov, Donald Edwards
The Persian Infusion - Bazaar

Best Instrumental Album Producer

Sheng Fei Lu, Dong Shun Wen - 8 (Performed by Timeless Fusion Party)
BabyCPortfolio of BabyC (Performed by BabyC, Cheng Zeng, Filmorchester Babelsberg)
Daphne Su, Owen Wang - Daphne Su (Performed by Daphne Su, Dong Yun Chang, Ray Huang, Hope Yeh, Owen Wang, Yuying Hsu, Chang Han Chung, Fan Hsu, Jay Cheng, Edric Chang)
Yuying Hsu - happened, happening (Performed by Yuying Hsu, Alex Sipiagin, Donny McCaslin, Boris Kozlov, Donald Edwards)
Bazaar - The Persian Infusion (Performed by Bazaar)

Best Instrumental Composer

Sheng Fei Lu - "Swimming in the Green" (Performed by Timeless Fusion Party)
BabyC - "Mangrove" (Performed by BabyC, Zeng Cheng, Filmorchester Babelsberg)
Daphne Su - "Passenger" (Performed by Daphne Su, Dong Yun Chang, Yuying Hsu, Jay Cheng, Huang Tzu Yu)
Yuying Hsu - "Catching THE Monk" (Performed by Yuying Hsu, Alex Sipiagin, Donny McCaslin, Boris Kozlov, Donald Edwards)
Will Chieng - "The Crescent upon the Tigris" (Performed by Bazaar)

Best Album Package Designer

Joe Fang, FK WuWhy Is It a Love Story, Wasn't I Reading a Detective Novel?
FK Wu - Chang and Lee, Vol. 2
GodkidllaBrothers Shouldn't Live Without Dreams
Xiao Qing-Yang - The Offering
Lu Yi-Xuan - Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark
Pu-Hui Chang - Immortal Beasts

Best Vocal Recording Album

Can You or Can You Not Understand My Mandarin (Chief Wang, Recording Engineer; Roman Klun, Mixing & Mastering Engineer)
Home (III) (Andrew Chu, Lin Si Tong, Craig Burbidge, Plamen Penchev, A-Mon, Luantan Ascent, Recording Engineers; Craig Burbidge, Mixing Engineer; Andrew Chu, Mastering Engineer)
Don't Make a Sound (Misi Ke, Andy Baker, Martin Lin, Chief Wang, Liu Shih Wei, Recording Engineers; Andy Baker, Liu Shih Wei, Mixing Engineers; Joel Hatstat, Mastering Engineer)
Story Thief (Huang Shengfeng, YuHsuan Yeh, Lei Chang Hang, Micky Yang, Recording Engineers; Phil Tan, Mixing Engineer; Chris Gehringer, Mastering Engineer)
That's Not Me (Marco Trentacoste, Recording & Mixing Engineer; Brian 'BigBass' Gardner, Mastering Engineer)

Best Instrumental Recording Album

Portfolio of BabyC (Falko Duczmal, Yue Song Lee, Recording Engineers; Luca Bignardi, Mixing Engineer; David Wang, Mastering Engineer)
happened, happening (Mike Marciano, Recording Engineer; Dave Darlington, Mixing & Mastering Engineer)
The Persian Infusion (Lin Shang Po, Recording Engineer; Eric Huang, Sean M. Sinclair, Yin Shao Shien, Arthur Indrikovs, Tzu Yu Lin, Chief Wang, Cheng-Yun Tang, Shou Jhong Yuan, Mixing Engineers; Derek Snyder, Mastering Engineer)
The Village of No Return Original Soundtrack (Lin Shang Po, Zen Chien, Recording & Mixing Engineers; Zen Chien, Mastering Engineer)
Dion Duan Wuan Sea (Jamie Hsu, Recording Engineer; Blaire Ko, Kai-Yu Huang, Sonic Deadhorse, Mixing Engineers; YiHung Liu, Mastering Engineer)
Triangular Prism (Chris Benham, Recording Engineer; David Darlington, Yuan Xiang Heh, Mixing Engineers; David Darlington, Mastering Engineer)

Outstanding Contribution Award

Julie Su
Joy Kuo