The 33rd Golden Melody Awards complete winning lists


The ceremony started from the two most anticipated awards, Song of the Year Award winner goes to the EggPlantEgg (茄子蛋) Oh Love, You Are Much Greater Than I Imagined, this is also the 3rd award the band had been entitled. And the multilingual music duo Collage (柯拉琪) had breakthrough the ground, being honored with Best New Artist at the 33rd Golden Melody Award.

The Best Taiwanese Album was awarded to Lilium (百合花) Road to…, the album was produced by Sonic Deadhorse, the ⅓ of Sam-seng-hiàn-gē (三牲獻藝), who was the winner of 31st GMA Best Instrumental Album Producer. Kumachan (熊仔/熊信寬) was honored with the Best Lyricists Award, and he dedicated the award to all the young hip hop musicians who have been struggling with lyric writing.

The biggest winner of the year is Tanya Chua (蔡健雅), her album DEPART was honored with 4 awards in total - Best Female Mandarin Singer, Best Mandarin Album, Best Vocal Recording Album and Album of the Year. Following with Ayugo Huang (黃連煜) / Mountain of Doom, which was awarded with the Best Hakka Album, Best Hakka Singer award and the Jury Award.

The 33rd Golden Melody Award ceremony ended before midnight, see the complete list of this year’s full winners:

■ Album of the Year

DEPART/Universal Music Taiwan Ltd.﹙Performed by Tanya Chua﹚

■ Song of the Year

Oh Love, You Are Much Greater Than I Imagined《Oh Love, You Are Much Greater Than I Imagined》/EggPlantEgg Co., Ltd.﹙Performed by EggPlantEgg﹚

■ Best Mandarin Album

DEPART/Universal Music Taiwan Ltd.﹙Performed by Tanya Chua﹚

■ Best Taiwanese Album

Road to…/ROCK RECORDS CO., LTD.﹙Performed by Lilium﹚

■ Best Hakka Album

Mountain Of Doom/Secondfloor Music Studio﹙Performed by Ayugo Huang﹚

■ Best Indigenous Language Album

pongso no Tao/Taiwan Colors Music Co., Ltd.﹙Performed by Paudull﹚

■ Best Music Video

ganbatene《ganbatene》/AsiaMuse Entertainment Co., Ltd.﹙Director:TSAI, YI-YU﹚

■ Best Composer

HUSH/Shadow Song《Shadow Song》/B'in Music﹙Performed by HUSH﹚

■ Best Lyricist

Xinkuan Xiong/88BARS《88BARS》/Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.﹙Performed by Kumachan﹚

■ Best Arranger

Huang, Shao-Yong/Star《《N1》Nanguaq No.1》/NANGUAQ Culture Ltd.﹙Performed by Natsuko﹚

■ Best Album Producer

Jerry Li/AI-CHING/KAO!INC.﹙Performed by Jerry Li﹚

■ Best Single Producer

LaLa Hsu、Howe/None of the Above《None of the Above》/AsiaMuse Entertainment Co., Ltd.﹙Performed by LaLa Hsu﹚

■ Best Male Singer(Mandarin)

Cui Jian/Fei Gou/Universal Music Taiwan Ltd.

■ Best Female Singer(Mandarin)

Tanya Chua/DEPART/Universal Music Taiwan Ltd.

■ Best Male Singer(Taiwanese)

Wang Jun-Jie/Don't Know/The Hu music

■ Best Female Singer(Taiwanese)

Joey Chiang/Kuu/Long Play Music Ltd.

■ Best Singer(Hakka)

Ayugo Huang/Mountain Of Doom/Secondfloor Music Studio

■ Best Singer(Indigenous Language)

Osay Hongay/To Wait In Silence/Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd.

■ Best Band

Flesh Juicer(GIGO、Matt、ZERO、Evan、sionC)/GOLDEN TAIZI BRO/StreetVoice (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

■ Best Vocal Group

New Formosa Band/Jian Jian Hua/Peace Land Creation Co., Ltd.

■ Best New Artist

Collage/MEmento·MORI/StreetVoice (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

■ Best Instrumental Album

Increasing Echo (Original Soundtrack)/SkyCastle Music﹙Performed by Chris Hou﹚

■ Best Instrumental Album Producer

Alan Kwan、Jordan Gheen、Matt Young/Between Now and Never/Maidin Cultural Enterprise Co., Ltd.﹙Performed by Invisible Architecture﹚

■ Best Instrumental Composer

YongHeng Wu/On Starboard《Hydro Canvas》/StreetVoice (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.﹙Performed by Tian Bai、Lawrence Ku、Danfeng Hu 、Nathaniel Gao 、 Xiaoguang Liu、Ke Zhang 、Chenchu Rong、 YongHeng Wu﹚

■ Best Album Design

Chen, Nien-Ying/Road to…/ROCK RECORDS CO., LTD.

■ Best Vocal Album Recording

DEPART/Universal Music Taiwan Ltd.
(Recording Engineers:Tanya Chua、Ni, Han-Wen、Wu, Yu-Chang、Khoi Huynh/Main Mixing Engineers:Leonard Fong、Ricky Ho、Joe Grasso、Richard Furch/Main Mastering Post-Production:John Greenham)

■ Best Instrumental Album Recording

Hydro Canvas/StreetVoice (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.
(Recording Engineers:You Li、Yang Li/Main Mixing Engineers:You Li、YongHeng Wu/Main Mastering Post-Production:You Li、YongHeng Wu)

■ Special Contribution Award

Chiu Chen
Fu Ming Chen