SXSW 2017 Taiwan Artists: Hello Nico


Hello Nico is one of the most iconic bands in Taiwan.

Text by Roy Dai
Tranlated by Eli

Hello Nico consists of lead vocalist Dorian Chan (詹宇庭), guitarist and keyboardist Joshua Lee (李詠恩), bassist Nick Chen (陳信伯), and drummer Jimmy Kuan (關惠中). Their music is about social and interpersonal relationships. They sing about the destiny of having and losing with their picturesque and heartfelt melodies. In 2016, they were nominated for the 27th Golden Melody Award in the category of the Best New Artist, making them one of the most iconic bands in Taiwan.

Formed in 2013, it didn’t take long for their songs to make it on the chart of StreetVoice, an original song-sharing platform. The band then got noticed by Oliver Ching, the lead vocalist of the Hunger Artist, and was later signed to his record label Black Market Music. Oliver has since become the band’s producer, helping the band get where they are today. In 2014, Hello Nico released their debut EP “Plankton of the City.” Not only did they win Singapore’s Freshmusic Awards for the best EP, the single “Flower” even topped the chart and got 100,000 hits on StreetVoice, becoming the song of this generation. The following year, they released their debut album “Familiar Desolation.” With a more exquisite electronic-rock base and a hysterical voice that gives the icy synth sounds warmer images, the album earned the band numerous awards and strengthened their influences toward local indie music.

In 2015, Hello Nico released their debut album "Familiar Desolation" to highly positive reviews.

In July of 2016, the band released their brand new EP “Impression”. They collaborated with string orchestra SEMIFUSA on this EP, bringing fuller and cozier rhythm to the tracks. In “What I Am” and “Stay Beside You”, you can feel the power and beauty circulating in the melodies, making these two songs become sing-along tracks in every performance. Not limiting themselves in certain genres, you can hear Hello Nico’s potential in their songs. With their strong imagination and skillful music techniques, we look forward to Hello Nico’s brand new musical journey in the foreseeable future.

Hello Nico | Profile

● Members
Dorian Chan: Lead Vocalist
Joshua Lee: Guitar / Keyboard
Nick Chen: Bass
Jimmy Kuan: Drums

● Discography
Plankton of the City EP (2014)
Familiar Desolation (2015)
Impression EP (2016)

● Accolades
"Best New Artist" (nominated), Golden Music Awards 2016
"Best EP", Freshmusic Awards 2015
"10 Songs of the Year", Freshmusic Awards 2015

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