Crowd Lu to lead Taiwanese invasion of Summer Sonic Festival


Photo credit: Taiwan Beats

Flanked by the likes of Taiwanese bands like Flesh Juicer and Sorry Youth, indie music prodigy Crowd Lu will be leading Taiwan's invasion this year into Japan's biggest international summer music festival, the Summer Sonic Festival. ChthoniC, who rocked the house during last year's Summer Sonic, will be present as guests alongside Taiwanese DJ  Lin Che-Yi at the official Summer Sonic Festival pre-party Taiwanderful.

The organizers of this year's festival are also working with Spaceshower TV and Universal Music Japan to release the compilation album 《Taiwanderful》, which will feature songs from close to 20 Taiwanese musicians and bands. The album is slated for release on 29th July, and it will be sold in Tower Records and other major stores across Japan, paving the way for Taiwanese musicians to promote Taiwan's pop music culture in overseas markets.


Taiwanese band "Sorry Youth." Photo credit: Taiwan Beats

Upon learning that Japanese people do not generally like having breakfast, Crowd Lu, being an avid lover of the morning meal, has pledged to practice and sing the line "Breakfast is a really good thing" in Japanese to promote breakfast culture. As for the bands Flesh Juicer and Sorry Youth, their creative content will center on the Taiwanese language and local Taiwanese culture. Members from the two bands wore their iconic pig and fish masks to today's pre-trip press conference, during which they expressed excitement towards their upcoming performances in Japan. "We shall convert every Japanese present at our show into a new fan of ours!" said Flesh Juicer with confidence. "Our mascot Mr. Fishhead will be showing off his newly sculpted abs to our Japanese fans, you will not be disappointed!" said Sorry Youth, who are seemingly playing the hunk card this time around.


Taiwanese band "Fresh Juicer." Photo credit: Taiwan Beats

This year’s Taiwanderful event will be held on 14th August (Fri) at the Liquid Room. Holders of any Summer Sonic tickers will enjoy free entry to the event. On top of the many Taiwanese bands that will be present, Taiwanderful will also be promoting Taiwanese albums, movies and other pop culture products, and well-known Taiwanese dishes like tan-tsu noodle and mango chacha will be available at the event as well.

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