Super Napkin

Super Napkin is a fuzz-pop trio hailing from Taiwan. The name of the band Super Napkin was inspired by the Flaming Lips' song 'She Don't Use Jelly': "He don't use tissues, or his sleeves. He don't use napkins, or any of these. He uses Magazines." The band formed in 2014 and have released five albums in the last eight years. Both Rhythmic Lizard Moon in 2016 and Diamond Shaped Hearts in 2018 saw the band channeling their inner DIY lo-fi ethos, serve up some scorching guitar tones -- the type that could make the hair on J. Mascis's back stand on-end -- atop a bed of powerful, precise drumming and steady-as-she-goes bass riffs. The band took a step toward more refined aesthetics and bolder sonics with their next release, There's Nothing That Cannot Beat Me, a sound that roughly approximates the grandeur of their live shows. 

Super Napkin, who has performed nearly 40 shows in the last six years and has released two new EPs in 2022, has been invited to perform at the MEGAPORT Festival, a 90,000+ person festival in Taiwan, in 2023.

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