Midem 2017 Taiwan Artists: Mixer


The Golden Melody Awards-winning quintet, Mixer, is one of the most popular pop-rock bands in Taiwan. (Photo: GCA Entertainment)

Text by Roy Dai
Translated by Eli

Mixer is a five-member pop rock band, consisting of lead vocalist Sheng Hao, acoustic guitarist Zi An, electric guitarist Bosy, bassist Eno and drummer Vincent. The members met each other through middle school, high school and college years, and have gone through different band phases like Rose and Beef, DARK GENT, Zi An & Sheng Hao. After all these changes, they’ve gradually become the current lineup that we’re seeing and familiar with now.

The music of Mixer is a little dark, yet has a bright color shimmering right through it. Their music wouldn’t equip you with the courage to sprint, but it could be your sanctuary whenever you feel despaired. With their debut album “Circus Movement (馬戲團運動)” released in 2013, the band became a dark horse and won the 25th Golden Melody Awards in the Band of the Year category, defeating fellow bands like Tizzy Bac, Sodagreen, Fire Ex., etc. In 2016, they were nominated again in the same category at the 27th Golden Melody Awards with their sophomore album “Before Being Named”. They were even ranked No.4 on the most popular Taiwanese indie band chart by Daily View, a big data driven analysis provider. There is no doubt that the band has not only received a bunch of acknowledgements from music critics and professionals but also gained a lot of popularity on digital platforms.

The theme of Mixer's latest album Wildlife is about how to abide by social without giving up one's self-esteem.

Wildlife is the band’s latest album. They tried to create a wonderland in concrete jungle with songwriting. They want to create a place where you can rest your tired bones and have fun in your daily life. “Little Child” is a song about not forgetting your original goal and keeping a pure heart. “Wild Amusement Park” is about struggling not to be tamed by the reality. As for “Hello”, it is a song about friendship, showing appreciation to all the members who have supported each other and fought together to this day. The catchy melodies of Mixer’s live performances allow the audience to sing along, making them become cheering songs. While singing loudly, the relatable songs also make the audience feel like they have found the one who know them well.

Mixer | Profile

● Member
Sheng Hao, lead vocal
Zi An, acoustic guitar
Bosy, electric guitar
Eno, bass
Vincent, drums

● Discography
Circus Movement (2013)
Before Being Named (2015)
Wildlife (2016)

● Accolades
"Band of the Year", 25th Golden Melody Awards
"Band of the Year" (nominated), 27th Golden Melody Awards

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