MIDEM 2016/Waa Wei: More Than a Singer, More Than a Friend

Singer, song writer, radio DJ, book author, actress or a manager of a café, Waa Wei can be any of them. However, she is a singer and a radio DJ most of the time.

Photograph: Waa Wei Facebook Page

Waa Wei was a band singer at first, but she quit the band after hurting her voice cord due to overuse. While recovering from the throat injury, she became an independent singer and released her first album La Dolce Vita which means sweet life in Italian.

In 2008, she met the most important person in her music life Chen Chien Chi who wrote songs and played the role of the producer in all of Waa’s later albums. Every of them was nominated in several music awards or even won the prize. They are the best partner in music ever.

Photograph: forgood music

In Waa's voice and songs, we can easily find her different characteristics and personalities. She is as light-footed as a cat (She actually has two cute, fat cats named Gaga and Woolala!) while transferring between different music styles. In one of her most popular song Goodnight Goodnight (晚安晚安), she is a tender and fragile woman deep in love. However, in the other song Bastards!, You Should Still Believe in Love (還是要相信愛情啊混蛋們), she becomes a cool and straightforward girl telling people “Though we all hurt by the person we love, we could never ignore the beauty of love."

Besides communicating with the world by singing and composing plenty of songs, Waa also likes to share the delightfulness of life through the internet. She not only accompanies the audience on air as an radio DJ, but is also a friend of us by posting her cute and positive life on the social media.
In the beginning of this year, Waa recorded two new songs in Finland and attended a music camp there as well. Hope she can find more inspirations after coming back from Midem. We are all looking forward to her brand new album planned to release in the end of this year.

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