Midem 50th Anniversary: Waa Wei, Boxing, and DJ RayRay Are Going to Bring Taiwan Music to Cannes

The international music conference and concerts Midem is going to meet their first fifty years. The theme this year “Back to Midem” will disclose the history of the time-honored event. Since 1995, the artists who have stood on the stage of “Taiwan Music Night” in Midem include Suming, Matzka, Mayday, A-linWeibird, Jolin Tsai, and MissKo. The GMA (Golden Melody Award) makes them in common since all of them are the winners in past few years.

photograph: GCA Facebook Page

To correspond with the theme, the press conference held by BAMID (Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development) took place at Taipei Zhongshan Hall where the most influential concert of Taiwan pop music  “Folk Night” began. The concert has a great impact on the development of Taiwan original pop music. On the press conference, Waa Wei, Boxing, and DJ RayRay are announced to be the representative artists of Taiwan in Midem this year.

photograph: GCA Facebook Page

Waa Wei has been to several international music festivals before. The Glanstory Festival and Liverpool Sound City are the most well-known. Besides, Boxing is a band combine the aboriginal culture with Latino and rap music, discovered by the famous singer Amei in a small club. Their debut album won them the Best New Artist of GMA last year. The last name on the list DJ RayRay who also attends SXSW 2016 is a female DJ featured by being familiar with various music genre. She makes her name in the young generation.

“Taiwan music has to communicate with the world. The reason why we take the artists to perform abroad not only wants to make the world recognize Taiwan pop music, but also wants to promote the the value of it. Therefore, we do not promote artistes separately, but wrapping up Taiwan and the value of our Music Industries as a whole. We want to show the world what our market is look like.” said Ed Yen, the Creative Director of GCA entertainment who is responsible for taking the Taiwan artists abroad every year.

The heavyweight music event in 2016, Midem is going to take place at Cannes during June 3rd to 6th. To keep up the latest news, apart from Taiwan Beats, you can also receive the information from GCA’s Facebook Page.