Dino Lee(李玉璽)/We Are Young(我們青春)

Dino Lee李玉璽

Dino Lee(李玉璽)

Following the 2014 release of Dino Lee's fully self-written debut album 'Days of Rock'(搖滾小日子) is the talented musician's latest EP 'Shout'. 'We are Young'(我們青春), which just had its music video released on Aug 18th, is the interlude song for the romantic comedy 'Our Times'(我的少女時代), as well as the opening theme for the idol drama 'Love Cuisine'(料理高校生).

'We are Young' is a rock song filled with pacey beats and youthful energy. In it, Lee has infused an energetic sense of adventure, creating a memorable series of youthful beats. The song's crisp drum beats and guitar riffs highlight Lee's uplifting vocals while its lively background vocals perfectly project a youthful, forward-looking vision.

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