Unstoppable 3-Epochal Times

BY Sophia
Unstoppable 3-Epochal Times

Unstoppable 3-Epochal Times


On Sep 4th, Bii(畢書盡), Andrew Tan(陳勢安), Ian(陳彥允)and Dino(李玉璽) released their compilation album “Unstoppable 3-Epochal Times”(勢在必行3 ─ 心時代 最終章).

Bii, Ian and Dino released their own extended plays at the end of July.  One month later, they combined with Andrew Tan, releasing“Unstoppable 3 - Epochal Times” after“Unstoppable 2 – Everything Changes”(勢在必行2 – Everything Changes).  The first single “Epochal Times”(心時代)is composed and written by Ian, which creates the ultimate spirit of “Unstoppable”(勢在必行).

“Epochal Times” starts from the “heart” and depicts the colors we’ve experienced in our lives with the natural elements such as starry sky, mountains, ocean and forests.  The song explores the process of the mood changing from outside to inside.  Ian also tries to mix elements like electronic dance music, rhythms with new style of rock ’n’ roll, refreshing the audience visually and aurally.

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