The Annual LUCfest Music Festival to Explore Local Culture in Tainan This November!


The second annual LUCfest Music Festival (貴人散步音樂節) will be held in Tainan from November 30th to December 2nd. There will be more than 10 music showcase performances featuring over 40 performing artists from Taiwan and abroad, as well as 8 international music forums that have invited world-renowned music labels, music festival curators, tour agents and media to get to know more about Taiwan’s creative music scene. By combining music and tourism, this is a great way to discover great music while exploring Tainan’s local scenery and culture.

This year’s lineup includes EggPlantEgg, a band that has just won two awards, “Best Taiwanese Album” and “Best New Artist,” at this year’s Golden Melody Awards -- they became an overnight success and have lots of followers with their debut album Cartoon Character with down-to-earth, catchy songs, straightforward lyrics that sing to those frustrated with love and life; 88balaz, established for more than two decades -- this indie band is a fusion of the blues and punk rock spirit, with humorous yet fierce lyrics that are a great remedy for healing scars brought by life’s hurdles; and L8CHING, who’s popularity is soaring with his combination of Taiwanese and English songs which create a Taiwanese chill R&B vibe.

Also appearing at this year’s festival are: Sunshine Costa, led by the talented poet and singer, Ruan Danching, who has been twice nominated for the Golden Melody Awards; Flowers Blooming in Winter; Undecimber Fin; SEN; I Mean Us; Manic Sheep; and Go Go Machine Orchestra. Other than Taiwanese bands, LUCfest has also invited artists from all over the world to join this year’s festival -- including ADOY, a new star from South Korea, and Spanish synth-pop duo Cor Blanc, who merges synth-pop, folk songs and theatre.

LUCfest’s organizers said: “LUCfest isn’t a band competition, it’s an opportunity and platform for the bands. Bands are chosen each year depending on the stage design as well as the different foreign industries invited to attend. We sincerely welcome everyone to participate in the music forums and watch the performances.”