NAXS FUTURE is a new media art studio committed to experimental creations and services including web based online experiences, VR, game art and audio-visual performances.

The team has been awarded the first prize in the Digital Art Performance Award with the VR theater production Render Ghost, and presented the piece at Ars Electronica, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and Times Art Museum in Beijing. NAXS also collaborated with renowned brands, such as NETFLIX, HTC and fashion designer Angus Chiang, Shao Yen for international productions.

Based on the self-developed multiplayer experiment framework — AUTOMETA, NAXS has released a series of game-style online experimental performances at UNSOUND Festival, LEV Festival and Rewire Festival since 2020.


2021   《AFTERLIFE網路來生》, Taishin Arts Award, Nomination

2019   《Render Ghost V4》, Longlist, Lumen Prize, UK

2015   《Render Ghost v1》, Digital Art Performance Awards, First Prize

2015   《Render Ghost v1》, Taishin Arts Award, Nomination

Online Performance & Experience

2023   《Sunset Town Virtual Music Festival》, game-style virtual music festival, co-hosted with Sunset Music

2022   《Body Crysis》, offline and online hybrid exhibition, Neighborhood Festival

2022   《Out Of Office》, interactive online exhibition, ASTAR HUB

2022   《Lost in Ruins》 , interactive online exhibition, New Taipei City Art Museum

2021   《Taiwan NOW》, interactive online exhibition

2021   《Lunatic Town》,offline and online hybrid exhibition, , National Theater & Concert Hall Autumn Arts Festival

2021   《0xHOR》, w/ HOR Radio & Music Artist: Meuko Meuko

2021   《0 Selves》, w/ Music Artist: Meuko Meuko, Rewire Festival

2020   《AFTERLIFE 016b》, w/ Music Artist: Meuko Meuko, Unsound Festival

2020   《AFTERLIFE網路來生 : ev20f1》, w/ Music Artist: Meuko Meuko, Unsound Festival

Performance & Exhibition

2023  《Machine Folklore》, Audio-visual performance, Being, Taipei Music Center

2023  《ZIP》, online exhibition, w/MORPH Studio

2022   《Machine Folklore》, Audio-visual performance, Melbourne Fringe Festival

2022   《Body Crysis》, Online & Offline performance, Melbourne & Taipei

2022   《Second Body》, Online & Offline performance, w/Anarchy dance studio

2022   《Post Astrology》, Audio-visual performance, Synergy Festival, w/ LUDU & MongTong

2021   《Lunatic Town》, Online & Offline performance, National Theater & Concert Hall

2021   《Taiwan NOW》, Online Exhibition,  Virtual Venue planning & production

2020   《Render Ghost / XATA / Metropolitan Sutra Gathering》,Video,Salon Oblique: The Virtual Salon

2020   《AFTERLIFE : ev20f1》,360Dome Audio/Visual,C-LAB FUTURE VISION LAB

2020   《AFTERLIFE : ev20f1》,MMO web experience,Unsound Festival

2020   《Ghost Island: Innervision》,MMO web experience,L.E.V. Festival

2020   《Ghost Island: Innervision》,VR Installation,PRECTXE 2020 Digital Art Festival,B39 space

2020   《 Ghost Island: Innervision》,VR Installation,2020Taiwan Biennial,VT Artsalon

2020   《Ghost Island: Innervision》,Audio/Visual,2020Taiwan Biennial Opening,National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

2020   《Ghost Island》,Audio/Visual,Transmediale

2020   《Ghost Island》,Audio/Visual,Sonic Acts

2019   《Render Ghost》 v4,Video,Expanded Animation, Ars Electronica

2019   《Ghost Island》,VR Installation/Audio/Visual,Sonar Festival

2019   《XR-XATA.organism-003》, Yao Chi City, C-LAB

2019   《VA-XATA.organism-002》, feat. Dutch E Germ, DiffuSound, The Wall

2018   《VA-XATA.organism-001》, Chromesthesia, Little Play

2018   《XR-XATA.organism-001》, Chromesthesia, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

2018   《XR-XATA.organism-002》, Future Tao Training Space, MEME space

2018   《Render Ghost - XATAR》, Times Art Museum, Beijing

2018   《XATA》, MEME Space, Taipei

2018   《XATA》, Little Play, Taichung

2018   《Render Ghost》 v4, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung

2017   《Queen Me》, w/ MeukoMeuko, Black Beauty

2017   《Render Ghost》 v3, Taipei Backstage Pool, Taipei

2016   《Render Ghost》 v2, Taiwan Air Force-Innovation Base Badminton Hall, Taipei

2015   《Render Ghost》 v1, Taipei Digital Art Festival, The 6th Digital Art Performance Award, Wellspring Theater, Taipei

2014   《Eclectic x Bias》, Taipei Digital Art Center, Taipei

2013   《The Great Grave Towerism》, Lacking Sound Festival, Taipei

2012   《Dive》, Taipei Digital Art Festival opening, Songshan Cultural Park, Taipei

2011   《Random》, Taipei Digital Art Festival, The 2nd Digital Art Performance Award, Taipei

2010   《Newborn Storm》, Taipei


2017   《2051:ER3003》, Venue

2016   《Render Ghost- the Installation Version》, 11th Digital Art Festival Taipei, Songshan Cultural Park, Taipei

2013   《When very very want》, Treasure Hill Environmental Art Lantern Festival, Artist Village-Treasure Hill, Taipei

2011   《Conditioned Reflex》, Taipei

Music Festival & Party Scene

2016   《Asia Pro-State Human NYE》, Korner, Taipei

2015   T Festival, Expo Park, Taipei

2013   FORMOSA Festival, Expo Park, Taipei

2011   ORGANIK 013, THE WALL Live House, Taipei

2011   Pure Motion-Waterfall, PIPE Live House, Taipei


w/ Music Artist : Meuko Meuko

2019   《Ghost Island: VR Installation + Live AV》, Sonar HK

2018   《Ghost Island》, Europe Tour : Rhizom  Festival(Zurich), Kegelbahn(Luzern), Le Romandie, Danse Noire(Lausanne), Wiener Festwochen Hyperreality(Vienna), Distortion Festival(Copenhagen), Säule/Berghain(Berlin)

2017   《Your Idol P》, BlackBeauty, Taipei

2017   《Matt Tecson: Thegn in Taipei》, FatTon, Taipei

2017   《Rebels of the Neon God 3》, Korner, Taipei

2017   《ODDsound Festival》, Korner, Taipei

w/ theatre director : Shen Hao Yang

2016   《Ka Kuan》, Song Shan Cultural Park, Taipei

w/ Costume Designer: ANGUS CHIANG

2020 《Oh My Almighty God!》, VR installation, Paris Fashion Week, Tranoï

w/ Costume Designer: SHAO YEN

2019 《Seasons》, Experimental animation, From Ink to Apparel IV, Huashan 1914 Creative Park

w/ Netflix

2019 《Nowhere Man》, Experimental VR immersive theater, Nowhere Man Exploration Night, Neihu Meiti Riverside Park

w/ Experimental Folk Band: Prairie WWWW

2021 《Pray for rain》, Live A / V, Huashan 1914 Creative Park

2019 《Pán》, Visual Production, Live A / V, Asia Rolling Music Festival

2018 《Pán》, Live A / V, Legacy Taipei

2018 《Pán》, Live A / V, Legacy Taichung

2018 《Pán》, Prelude Exhibition Visual Production, Waiting Room

2018 《Yóu》, Music Video

2018 《Dù》, Music Video

2018 《Semiotics》, Music Video

w/ Electronic Music Festival Australia: Soft Centre

2019 《Soft Centre X Svbkvlt》, Visual Design

2019 《Soft Centre 2019》, Visual Identity Design and Animation