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0 Sodagreen came back from Berlin with new album "Winter Endless"

Sodagreen(蘇打綠)launched the “Vivaldi Project”(韋瓦第計畫)in 2009. They announced surprisingly that their 10th album will be“Winter Endless”(冬 未了)and they released “Everyone” on the morning of Sep 15th, which is a song written by Wei(小威)the drummer to Greeny(青峰)the lead vocalist.

1 Interview/Q & A with Men Envy Children小男孩樂團

What we are talking about is not to give up everything to chase this ‘dream’, but to find a way to allow this ‘dream’ to be incorporated into your life. To us, our album ‘Everything’ is not the ending point of our dreams; it is but a milestone on the journey to our dreams.