Brian Elgin

Brian Elgin, the Chief Engineer of Sentient Sound Labs in Taiwan, has a long history in audio production and technology. Brian began his career assisting Chief Engineer Stephen Hart at the renowned Fantasy Studios while also joining the Engineering Department at Avid/Digidesign headquarters in Daly City, CA after graduating at the top of his class from Ex'pression College. During this time, Brian had the opportunity to work with renowned producers such as Eddie Kramer (who has worked with Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and The Rolling Stones) and Joe Chiccarelli (who has worked with Elton John, U2, Beck, Tori Amos, and The Killers). 

Brian dedicated himself to mastering analog tape-to-console-to-tape workflows and was instrumental in the development of Pro Tools versions 7 through 9. He contributed to the expansion of HD-based systems and formed alliances with industry titans such as Waves, SoundToys, and Native Instruments. 

Brian is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan, and offers a wide range of professional audio production services to clients such as Warner Music Taiwan, Sony Taiwan, Rock Records, Team Ear Music, Airhead Records, and others. He is the Master Engineer for the following works: Underwater by Elephant Gym, Town by The Fur., Subtropical Jet Stream by Super Napkin, A-Lin's vinyl album LINK and many more. He is also co-authoring a music production book with a number of Taiwan's top sound engineers.