Andy Baker

Andy Baker, originally from the United States, has been living in Taiwan for over a decade. Andy moved to Athens, Georgia at the age of 19 with a clear goal of becoming a sound engineer since high school. Athens is a hotspot for various music genres such as American indie, Indie, and New Wave. Many bands that began their careers in this city, such as The B-52s and R.E.M., went on to achieve international acclaim. Andy's experience and skills in recording and mixing have matured significantly as a result of his upbringing in such a world-class musical environment. 

Following that, Andy co-founded the Chase Park Transduction recording studio in Athens and has since been involved in recording and mixing work for numerous independent American musicians, a career he has maintained to this day. Andy is currently the owner and Recording and Mastering Engineer at Yuchen Cinema Recording in Taiwan. Andy has collaborated with a number of Taiwanese artists since establishing Yuchen Cinema Recording. His credits include mixing The Servile by No Party For Cao Dong, mixing Pluto by Enno Cheng, recording Drawing Dialogue and Don't Make a Sound by misi Ke, and many more. His works have also been nominated for multiple The Golden Melody Awards. 

Since 2018, Andy has been releasing a series of live videos on YouTube called CINEMAPHONIC Live Sessions, which combines the words Cinema and Phonic. Andy hopes to create a platform similar to renowned events like Tiny Desk Concerts and Audiotree by establishing a high-quality brand, with the goal of bringing Taiwan's exceptional musicians to the global spotlight.