Weining Hung

Weining Hung (洪維寧) is a co-founder of the Lucfest festival, which is a showcase festival that combines a music conference that has established a foothold in Taiwan and aims to connect with Asia in order to advance the global music industry. LUCfest is intended to introduce new markets and music styles. 

Weining previously founded the concert crowdfunding platform Gigdiving B.V. in the Netherlands, bringing extensive experience in the international music and creative industries. She has worked with a number of Taiwanese and Asian music acts over the years, including Dwagie, Fire EX., Chairman Band, No Party for Cao Dong, Prairie WWWW, Chinese band Carsick Cars, Korean band Jambinai, Dr. EG, and The Fur., among others, to help them reach a wider audience. 

She is also the founder of 9 Kick, an independent culture agency that works with emerging Asian musicians such as Thailand's Phum Viphurit and South Korea's ADOY. Her primary goal is to connect the Asian and global music markets while also nurturing and cultivating more Asian musicians for the international stage. She also introduces more international musicians to diversify the Asian music market.